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At South High, we are following a block schedule for distance learning this fall.
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First days of school, Sept. 8 and Sept. 9, will focus on community-building with small group advisories in the morning, and shorter classes in the afternoon.

Every Wednesday, all classes will meet and will include an advisory session.

Integrating a synchronous/asynchronous blend of classes is intentional and key to ensuring students are NOT sitting in front of a screen six hours a day.

Synchronous - Students meet together online, same time, same place.
(Think of it as attending class.)
Asynchronous - Students approach classwork independently, apart from class.
(Think of it as independent study, or small group work, following a learning path set by teachers.)


Frequently Asked Questions
What is a block schedule format?
A block schedule refers to a cluster or block of classes. In our schedule, two blocks of classes (comprised of 3 class periods each) have been assigned to A & B days.
What are the numbers on the schedule?
The numbers represent class periods 1-6.
Class periods 1-3 will meet on A days (Monday & Thursday).
Class periods 4-6 will meet on B days (Tuesday and Friday).
Every Wednesday, all class periods 1-6 (a complete schedule of classes) will meet for a shorter length of time and will include an advisory session.
What do you mean by Synchronous and Asynchronous?
Synchronous refers to the time students meet together with their teacher as a class, online.
(This is virtual face-to-face, live meeting class time.)
Asynchronous refers to time away from the online class, when students are expected to work independently or in smaller groups on assignments.
(During this time, the entire class is no longer together.)
You say classes will be a “blend" of Synchronous and Asynchronous instruction. What does this mean?
Each class period will begin with Synchronous instruction (meet together online), then move on to Asynchronous class time (time away from the online class) to pursue the lesson independently. The class will be expected to return online for Synchronous Instruction to complete the lesson and the class period together.

Why a "blend" of Synchronous and Asynchronous instruction?
We are conscious of the need to monitor screen time and seat time for both students and teachers, as well as the necessity of incorporating flex time to pursue lessons independently, to stretch, and take breaks.
How is the class period structured?
Please see "Daily Lesson Format," right side on the schedule above. 
How can students get help from a teacher?
Students will be able to get questions answered during the course of class time, but should feel free to email their teachers with follow-up questions. 

If needed, students may request an appointment before school or after school, during “Non-Instructional time” (7:55-8:15 a.m. or 3-3:55 p.m.) for a phone meeting or an online meeting. 
How do students get their class schedules?
Schedules will be posted and available and posted to the Student & Family Portal

How do students find their classes online?
This has been modified. Students will need to login to Google Classroom with their MPS student account credentials. See homepage.