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World Religions

World History Topics: Religion is a Social Studies class which focuses on the study of various world religions.  Through class discussion, personal research and group activities, students will be able to distinguish the similarities and differences between the major religions as well as the various groups within a particular religion.  Also, we will discuss how a religion can impact the political, social and economic structure of a society.


Unit 1: Intro to Religion

*What is Religion?

*How did religion develop?

*What are the creation stories of the various religions?  How are they similar and/or different?

*How have the ancient religions/mythologies contributed to the modern world AND the development of today’s religions


Unit 2: Major Religions (Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism)

*What are the origins of each of these religions?

*What are the main tenets of each religion?

*How are the religions similar and/or different?


Unit 3: Other Religions

*Why are these “non-major” not as well-known as the “Big 5?”

*Where are these religions practiced, and how many people practice them?     

*What do followers believe in?  

*How do people worship in this religion?  

*What complexities or nuances are important to understand when comparing a religion to others?


Unit 4: Religious Conflicts

*How has religion impacted today’s world?

*Historically, what conflicts have existed in the past?  What caused these conflicts? How were the conflicts solved (if they were solved)?

*What conflicts exist today between religions?


Unit 5: Religious Extremism

*How has extremist views impacted today’s world?

*What have various governments done to curb extremism?  Are there any governments that encourage extremism?  Is so, why?

*Are there extremist groups that are not violent?  If so, how do they compare to those that are violent?

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