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World Language students tops in proficiency


South World Language students are again tops in earning proficiency certificates and seals awarded by AAPPL testing and/or Advanced Placement examination! Results below include teacher name in parenthesis.

Advanced Placement Spanish (Plante):  3 platinum seals, 10 gold seals, 11 Proficiency Certificates
Spanish 4 (Willette):  28 Proficiency Certificates
Spanish 3 (Plante):  22 Proficiency Certificates
French College in the Schools (Davis):  1 platinum seal, 13 Proficiency Certificates
French 3 (Davis):  7 Proficiency Certificates
Somali (Yusuf):  8 Proficiency Certificates
German (French):  1 gold seal
Arabic (Mohamed):  1 Proficiency Certificate

Independent testers in Spanish (not enrolled in Spanish courses):  4 gold seals, 12 Proficiency Certificates

Congratulations South students and teachers!

Students who earn platinum and gold seals receive multiple semesters of free credit at MNSCU schools.  

For a complete guide to FAQs regarding free college credit and honors earned please refer to:

Students will be recognized Thursday, Oct. 6!

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