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Stephanie Woldum


"The essence of mathematics is in its freedom."

                    -Georg Cantar


Welcome to Mrs. Woldum's homepage!

Here you will find information and links that will help you be a successful mathematician. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Courses taught:

Intermediate Algebra

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Linear Algebra (8th grade)

Length: Year-long

Intermediate Algebra encourages and enables students to use the language, symbols and notation of mathematics, to be confident using mathematics to analyze and solve problems both in and out of school, and to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue further studies in mathematics. The course includes a thorough review of linear relationships, an introduction to exponential and quadratic relationships, a foundation in the language of functions, a survey of transformations and a solid study of secondary level statistics and probability.



Prerequisite: Successful completion of Intermediate Algebra

Length: Year-long

Geometry students will study points, lines, line segments, rays, planes, and vectors in their exploration of angles, polygons, circles, lengths, areas, and volumes. The concepts of justified mathematical reasoning and logic based on mathematical conjectures will be emphasized.  Algebraic skills will be used and expanded upon as we build further understanding of the interconnectedness of mathematics. Emphasis will be placed on congruent figures, as well as similar figures and their ratios, and right triangle trigonometric ratios. 


Personal Information: 

In addition to teaching students about the beauty of Math, I also serve as the Senior class advisor, graduation coordinator and work as a coordinator of the South High Math Center. If you have any questions about these activities please use the information below to contact me.

Room: 231

Senior Advisor Office: 230A 

SHS Math Center: 235                                                                                                             


Voicemail/Text: 651-560-5056


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