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Who Am I assignment


“Who Am I”

Wellness PPT Assignment

50 points

DUE: Midnight on Thursday, August 27th


To be included in PPT slides:

•        Slide 1-  Title slide (Name, Hour, Class, other)

•        Slide 2-  “Me” Poem (can be any length, but thought must be put into it)

•        Slide 3-  Show my family heritage/nationality by words, quotes, pictures,

                         facts, etc.

•        Slide 4-  What are my goals in life and what do I have to do to achieve them

•        Slide 5-  What are my passions? Use words, pics, etc. What do I love to do?

•        Slide 6-7 Write a short story about one of the most memorable moments of

                          your life.


**You should personalize this presentation with color, clip art/photos, music, video etc