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Describe: Provide accurate and coherent information that clarifies the nature of the phenomenon.

Explain: Provide accurate and coherent information that clarifies the cause or action within phenomenon providing a claim with evidence and reasoning.

Justify: An argument supported by evidence. (usually attached to a previous problem)

Evience may consist of physical principles, equations, calculations, data, graphs, and diagrams. In some cases they may refer to fundamental ideas of relations in physics (such as Newton's Laws, conservation principles, or Bernoulli's Equation). In other cases it may refer to analyzing the behaviour of an equation for large or small values of a variable n the equation.

Calculate: Show work leading to a final answer, which may be algebraic, but more often is numerical.

Derive: A more complex version of calculate. Students must begin from a fundamental equation on the official equation sheet. The final answer is usually algebraic (not a numerical answer, but letters: constants and variables) and requires appropriate use of algebraic manipulation.

What Is/Determine: Indicates showing work need not be explicitly shown to obtain full credit. Often, the answers may be yes or no. Or otherwise binary in nature.

Sketch: Draw a graph that illustrates key trends in  a particular relationship, such as slope, curvature, intercepts or asymptotes. Numerical scaling or specific data points rae not required.

Plot: Draw the data points given in the problem on the grid provided, either using the given scale or indicating the scale and units when none are provided.

Draw and Label: Explicitly following requirements to create figures (usually free body diagrams) occuring at specific times (when the car is at the peak of the hill or the moment after the string is cut). Do not add extras not asked for, do not break vectors into components unless asked for, only do what is asked.

Design or Outline: Usually, this is refering to experimental design. Create an orderly, clear and coherent sequence of actions and/or steps in a hypothetical investigation.