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document JA Economics Ch.3 pp.31-45   --  Use with textbook; due Nov.28
document Demand Powerpoint   --  Review and take notes up through "Changes in Demand"
document Ch.4 Supply Activity Sheet   --  Read pp.47-59 in textbook, then complete this assignment
document Supply Powerpoint   --   Review and take notes up through "Changes in Supply"
document JA Economics Ch.5 pp.62-75   --  To accompany Ch.5 in the text
PDF Graphing Demand and Supply; Market Effects of the Bacon Burger   --  Assignments due Wednesday Dec.7; go with Ch.5 in JA Econ Text
document Mid-Quarter Test Study Sheet   --  Make sure you know all the terms and follow instructions to prepare for the test on 12/12/2011
PDF Practice questions for the Mid quarter   --  Use these to prepare for the quiz
PDF Answers for Practice questions   --  After you have completed the practice questions review packet, use this to correct your answers
document Ethical analysis   --  Use this sheet to take notes on the documentary; also questions for the corporate ethics research project