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Is America Number One?  Use the questions for this video to complete the assignment. The video is blocked by the school district so watch it at home

document Chapter 1 Study Sheet   --  Use with Junior Achievement Economics Text
document Production Possibilites Frontier; Macro, Agric   --  In class presentation from 11/5
document Introduction to Economics Power Point   --  Great review up through Economic systems(Slide 42)
document Chapter 2 Study Sheets   --  Use with JA Economics
PDF Fergi Fits Make up assignment   --  If you missed either part 1 (11/14) or part 2 of the video,you can complete this assignment to make up for it
document Economic Systems   --  Traditional, Market, Command, and Mixed Economies
document JA Economics Ch.7 pp.98-114 study guide   --  Use with JA Economics Text
document Is America Number One?   --  Questions that go with the video
document Econ PPP Curve   --  Powerpoint on production possibilities curve and basic economic questions
PDF PBS Water Scarcity Lesson   --   Use with sidebar link to PBS on line
PDF Alleviating Human Misery   --  Ch.1 of The Economics of Social Issues; Questions at the end of the chapter are due on Nov.28
document Excerpt from The Cheating Culture   --  pp.63-69 includes questions