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Kuby Human Geography in Action

Read the introduction then access the website and complete the online activities

document Unit One Assignments 2013   --  View to see the daily schedule including assignments
document Note-Taking Strategies and Assignment   --  Use this document as a guideline for note-taking for the entire course
PDF Ch.1 Text Part 1   --  Read and take notes; then complete study questions
PDF Ch.1 Text Part 2   --  Read, take notes, then answer study questions
document hg_ch_1_study_questions.doc   --  Ch.1 Study Questions
PDF Land Ordinance of 1785   --  Reading that covers things we discussed in class
PDF Township and range activity   --  Reading above will assist with doing this activity
document The Power of Place Episode 1   --  Questions to go with online video. See link
document Assignment link for Kuby online activities   --  This is the assignment for 1/29/2013
PDF De Blij Text Ch.34 Patterns and Processes of Environment Change   --  Read this, take notes and complete the study guide below for Monday, Feb.6
document De Blij Ch.34 Study Guide   --   Use with reading above
document ch_4_sq.doc   --  Ch.4 Study Questions Part 1
document hg_ch_4_study_questions.doc   --  Ch.4 Study Questions Part 2
PDF Blue Danube Video Questions   --  Use with you-tube sidebar link at home