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document Cultural Geography Assignment List   --   You will find ALL the assignments listed here for the entire unit
document 1950s and 1960s TV commerical analysis   --  Use this form 3 times to analyze 3 of the commericals from the corresponding link on my website
PDF Global Endarkenment-Religion and Globalization   --  Reading from Harm DeBlij's The Power of Place book. Read, take notes, and answer the study questions
PDF The Geography of Religion   --   Supplemental reading on the major world religions. Read and take notes, especially if you were absent on 4/16 and/or 4/17-18
document Judaism, Christianity, Islam   --  View this powerpoint to review similarities and differences among these 3 religions
document Sacred Spaces Episode 17 of Annenberg's Power of Place Series   --  Questions to be used with video link
document The Hindu Caste System   --  In class presentation from 4/20; view BEFORE doing the "Mixing Blood" reading
PDF "Mixing Blood" from Amy Chua's World on Fire   --  Read this, take notes and complete the study questions for April 23
PDF Caste sytem readings   --  Select one of the readings (Caste pp.70-72; or Buddha and Caste pp.199-201) and answer the questions from the document below for 4/24
document Caste reading questions   --  Use the readings above to complete one set of the questions here
document Ch.5 Last section pp.201-9 Study Questions   --  Complete this assignment for 4/25 AFTER you have taken notes on the reading
document hg_ch_5_pp_201-9_text.doc   --  Assignment for last section of Ch.5