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PDF Economic Development Study Questions   --  ALL the study questions for Ch.2 and Ch.7 in Human Geography: Places and Regions in a Global Context
document Globalization   --  Goes with Ch.2 and main focus is the degree to which countries are globalized
PDF Human Development Index Computer Assignment   --  Assignment from March 20
document Development presentation   --  Focus is on Rostow which goes with DeBlij Ch.26 and our text Ch.7
PDF De Blij Text Ch.26 reading   --  Read, take notes and complete study questions for March 23
document DeBlij Ch.26 Study Questions   --  To be completed with reading and notes in packet above
PDF De Blij Ch.24 on Weber's Model   --  Due on March 28; reading,notes, study questions (included in this document)
document Weber's Model of Industrial Location   --  Use with DeBlij Ch.24
document Development Test Study Sheet   --  use this to prepare for the Development test that covers Ch.2 & 7 in our text and DeBlij Ch.24 &26 on April 11 (Wed. after break)
document Websites for Economic Development Research   --  Use this document to assist in your iPad research