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document Electoral College   --  In class presentation
PDF How to Steal the Presidency   --  Read this article from Greg Palast about the 2000 Florida controversy for Friday 9/14; Write a 10 line response in your notebook
document Ch.19 Voting   --  Section 1 and Section 2 study questions
document Voting Powerpoint   --  View and take notes up to 1960, 2004 election comparison
PDF How to Steal the Presidency 2000   --  Article by Greg Palast we read for Friday Sept.14
PDF Election 2004 Ohio Group Document Assignment   --  In class assignment for Sept. 18
PDF Recounting Ohio   --  Article for Sept. 19 see questions below
document Questions for Recounting Ohio reading   --  Use the Recounting Ohio and the 2004 Election documents to answer these questions
document Interview with Kenneth Blackwell questions   --  In class Sept. 19; on-line video link as a sidebar on this site