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The Man Who Stayed-Sudan

Watch this Feb.29, 2012 report on the Nuba people of Sudan; check out the photos from reporter Ann Curry. This updates the ongoing issues related to conflict in Sudan

PDF Balkans reading from Ch.13 Kuby   --  Make sure you print this out and then arrange it BY PAGE number because it wasn't scanned in order. Omit the sections that talk about Bosnia
document De Blij Political Geo.   --  Intro Presentation
PDF Ch.9 Political Geography text reading Part 1   --  Read pp.343-49 and take notes for 2/23
PDF Rubenstein Polt. Geo.   --  Read section on Shapes of States and take notes
document Power of Place Episode 2 Boundaries and Borderlands   --  Access the online video and complete this assignment if you were absent
PDF DeBlij Ch.15 State Organizations and Power   --  Read and take notes for Tuesday, Feb.28
document On Our Watch   --  Questions that accompany the pbs Frontline video. See link to watch the video online
document DeBlij Ch.15 Study Questions   --  Complete these questions after you have read the chapter and taken notes.
document Political Geography Test Study Sheet   --  Use this in conjuction with the textbook website concept reviews and practice test questions
PDF Political Geography Test Review   --  ALERT Vocabulary and terrorism review information for the test
document Practice test questions Political   --  Go throught these questions to prepare for the Political Geography Unit test
document Rubenstein Political Geography questions   --  To help prepare for the Poltical geography unit test
document Imperialism Web Quest   --  Complete this to learn about colonialism and the reasons behind it