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PDF Ch.3 Population Part 1   --  Use with study guides
PDF Ch.3 Part 2   --  Use with study guides
PDF Ch.3 Study guides   --  AFTER you have taken notes on each section, complete the study guides
PDF Population Clock   --  Completed in class on Feb.13
PDF Population Pyramid assignment   --  Select 2 countries from the data sheets and draw a population pyramid for each and answer the analysis questions
PDF Demographic Transition from Rubenstein Text   --  Read and take notes; to be checked on next notebook check
PDF Malthusian Theories and Diminishing Marginal Rewards   --  Complete the activities that go with this reading on a separate sheet of paper. In class assignment for 2/17
document Population Test Study Sheet   --  Population test on Wednesday Feb.22;
PDF Measuring America   --  Report excerpts with maps and charts from class Feb.21
document Population test practice   --  questions from our text