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Understanding Identity and Pronouns (South)

Merriam-Webster recently added a new definition in its entry for "they," noting that the pronoun is also used to refer to an individual whose gender identity is non-binary. Respecting someone’s self-identification means using the gender pronouns with which they most identify. Learn why organizations are adopting the practice of introducing a person with their name and gender pronoun and how awareness helps inclusion of the LGBTQ community.

1 Thursday, Jan. 30


Vaping: What Parents Need to Know (South)

A Health Department study shows that more than a quarter of Minnesota 11th-graders reported vaping in the last month. Teen vaping is an epidemic, and many parents are not prepared to talk to their children about it. Grasp how vaping/e-cigarettes work, know the latest vaping trends, see sample devices, understand research on the health effects of vaping and nicotine, and become aware of resources to help young people who already vape. Class is for adults only; no teens.

1 Tuesday, March 10


Maile Siemon
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