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The Illiad and the Odyessey

The World Literature series reproduces the greatest books the world over with only the highest production standards. History, philosophy, psychology, political theory, fiction, and ancient texts are now accessible to everyone at an extremely affordable price.

Hector bidding farewell to his wife and baby son. Odysseus bound to the mast listening to the Sirens. Penelope at the loom, Achilles dragging Hector's body round the walls of Troy--scenes from Homer have been reportrayed in every generation. The questions about mortality and identity that Homer's heroes ask, the bonds of love, respect, and fellowship that motivate them, have gripped audiences for three millennia. Chapman's Iliad and Odyssey are great English epic poems, but they are also two of the liveliest and most readable translations of Homer. Chapman's freshness makes the everyday world of nature and the craftsman as vivid as the battlefield and Mount Olympus. His poetry is driven by the excitement of the Renaissance discovery of classical civilization as at once vital and distance, and is enriched by the perspectives of humanist thought.