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CPAS Class Syllabus

College Prep Algebra and Statistics (CPAS)

Mr. Winnes – Room 221

Course Description

This course is for students who have completed their core math classes (Intermediate Algebra, Geometry, and Advanced Algebra) and who seek to supplement and strengthen their math skills and knowledge in preparation for post-high school education.  It is a comprehensive math course covering a variety of mathematical topics, including Advanced Algebra, Probability, Statistics, and Financial Literacy.


Required Materials

Bring the following materials to class everyday:

  • Pencil with eraser
  • notebook and folder (or 3-ring binder) *to be used JUST FOR MATH!
  • scientific calculator (one with sin, cos, tan) (optional, but helpful)

Attendance / Participation / Respect

Daily attendance and participation are necessary for success in this class.  We will follow the attendance policy stated in the student handbook.  You are expected to come to class on time, prepared, and ready to participate every day.  Class participation includes respecting others in your class and their right to learn.  Being tardy (entering class after the final bell) and having unexcused absences will have an adverse effect upon your grade.  You are responsible for all work and/or quizzes and tests missed due to absences.



Total points earned in the following categories will determine final grades.  Grades will be posted on-line. You are responsible to track your own grade.

Class work                   10 points/day …………………………………   5% of final grade

Homework                  10 points each ……….………………………. 15%     “          “

Notebooks                   100 points each check ..…………………..  5%     “          “

Quizzes/Tests              5/100 points each…………………………… 75%     “          “


Class work

Class work includes openers, note-taking, in-class assignments, investigations, group work, and behavior. 



Homework assigned is always due the next day, unless otherwise specified. Homework is checked for completion, showing the work and answer.  I look to see that you made an effort on every problem assigned. Late homework is accepted for half credit, up until the day of the unit test.


Daily note taking is expected and will be checked.  Note-taking is an important study skill. It allows you to review the day’s lesson and gives you resources to help you complete your homework. Date and label each day’s entry (so it’s easy to go back and find certain notes.) Your notes are your only resource since you will not have a textbook!!!  Share notes with people who are absent. You can also access notes you may have missed on my website (see backside). Textbooks are available during class, but there are not enough for everyone to check one out.




Quizzes / Tests

Quizzes are given to check class progress.  These may be unannounced.  Tests are given each chapter.  Test corrections are part of homework and are to be written on a separate sheet of paper.  You have the option of retaking a test once you have completed test corrections. Test retakes are to be taken either before or after school in my room or in the Math Center. You will have ONE WEEK to retake a test.  No test retakes are permitted if you have more than three unexcused absences during the unit.


NOTE: Missed quizzes or tests due to an excused absence can be made up before or after school in my room or in the math center. Students have ONE WEEK to make up missed tests.  If a quiz or test is missed due to an unexcused absence, you will receive a “zero” (0%) score.


Final Grades

Grades are based on the following grade standards:

A (93-100%)    A- (90-92%)     B+ (87-89%)     B  (83-86%)      B- (80-82%)     C+ (77-79%)  

C (73-76%)       C- (70-72%)     D+ (67-69%)    D (63-66%)      D- (60-62%)     F  (below 60%)


Academic Honesty

Academic honesty is expected.  Any cheating on tests, quizzes, or homework will result in a “zero” (0%) grade for

that item.


Personal Electronic Devices

Turn off PED's (phones, laptops, etc.) and secure them out of sight during class time.  MPS Citywide policy will be followed.  Any disruptions to classroom learning and activities may result in loss of PED use privileges and/or confiscation of PED.


Extra Help

I am available for help after school from 3:10 to 4:00pm by appointment.


SHS Math Center  - Individual tutoring is available daily from 8:20am to 4:00pm in Room 235.  Also, see on-line at


Online Resources (Google any topic)

My website: Class notes, homework assignments, and the resources listed above can be found on my South High teacher page (

Wolfram Alpha at .

Khan Academy at .

Desmos Online Graphing Calculator at


Other Tips:

Keep up with your homework. Set aside time each day to work on math.  Find someone to study with. 


Contact Information

Please e-mail me if you have any questions about this syllabus or about the course. 

My e-mail address is


Please sign the attached Signature Page and Family Information Sheet and return to Mr. Winnes

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