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Better Living Through Mathematics
With Your Host--Mr. Rumppe!
The Kids in Thailand Send Their Thanks
Rumppe's students in Thailand send their appreciation for his Promethean Board Lessons (Click to enlarge)


So, you would like to e-mail Mr. Rumppe, huh?:

So, you would like to call Mr. Rumppe, huh?: 612.668.3030 extension 51112

So, you would like to know which room Mr. Rumppe teaches in, huh?  118 of the west building.



 So, you think you've got a good excuse, huh?

Tiger Stripes
1: So you don't understand the homework, huh?
2: Don't recall the basics, huh?
3: Don't know what tonight's assignment is, huh?
Escher Sketch
Don't know how to use your calculator, huh?
5: So you ran out of graph paper, huh?
6: So you lost another math book, huh?
7: So you need a cool geometry application, huh?
8: So the dog ate your homework, huh?
9: So you want some more practice problems for geometry, huh? 
10: So you want to read some of the worst excuses ever written, huh? 



So, you want to be popular, huh?

  NapoleanSoundBite.mp3   --  Rumppe's favorite quote from Napolean Dynomite

PDF Voeks 20131122   --  PDF ready for Ryan Voeks' Class
Summer Math Institute Files

Click on a file to download it.  (The first link is a zip file that contains all five files used.)


document Secondary Math Institute-Aug 2014   --  Contains Sketchpad-related files.
PDF GSP Workshop Guide   --  This tutorial will get you started with the most popular features of Sketchpad.
document Proportional Reasoning (GSP)   --  A proportional number line for use with proportional reasoning.
document Pythagoras Proven   --  A collection of geometric proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem.
document SpiroPlot (GSP)   --  A Sketchpad version of Spirograph. Use when discussing ratios.
document SpiroPlot Use Instructions (Word)   --  Instructions and questions related to the SpiroPlot Sketch.
PDF SpiroPlot Use Instructions (PDF)   --  Same instructions as above but in PDF format.