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2018-19 Handbook

Welcome to the new school year! Here's how to make it your best year yet:

· Start with a positive attitude.
· Seek help from staff when you have a problem.
· Choose an activity and get involved.
· Come to school every day.
· Go to every class on time.
· Make time for a homework routine.
· READ THE STUDENT HANDBOOK and note these areas of emphasis:

  • Bell Schedules - p. 4
  • Attendance Policy - p. 19-21 
    • Regular attendance is essential to school success.
    • Excused absences require a phone call, note or email from parent.
    • Three unexcused class periods is cause for concern and will trigger an intervention process.
  • Breakfast and Lunch procedures - p. 27-28
    • Three lunch times
    • Consequnces for returning late from lunch
    • What it means to be "blocked" 
    • "Open Campus" privilege
  • Emergency Procedures - p. 28
  • Internet Use Policy - p.29
  • Course Changes - p. 9
  • Academic Honesty - p.10
  • Behavior Guidelines - p. 21-22
  • Student Policies Procedures - p. 22-26
  • Dress Code - p.24
  • Cell Phone/Device Policy - p. 23
    • Student use of electronic devices is limited to:
      • Before and after the school day
      • During the student's lunch period
      • During passing time
      • During class time for educational purposes, as permitted by teacher
      • During school day, as permitted by principal or principal's designee.
    • Students bring devices to school at their own risk.
      • The district assumes no liability for loss, theft, damage or unauthorized use.
      • If confiscated, no responsibility for safety or security of the device is guaranteed.
      • Electronic devices confiscated will be given to the student's administrator.
        • Assistant Principal Simondet: 11th, 12th grade administrator
        • Assistant Principal Rodriguez: 10th grade adminstrator
        • Assistant Principal Walker: 9th grade administrator