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Crystal Spring


Course: Theatre 1              

Teacher: Crystal Spring


Course Description/Overview: Welcome to Performance Theatre 1!
Students have the opportunity to develop artistic voice through:

*performance *poetry*writing *movement * visual arts*

 Create & perform original theatre that reflects: YOUR ideas, experience, goals and hopes for this world.

RESPECT: Work to create a safe space in our classroom.

*Collaboration is the foundation of all work in class. *Engage in team building activities.

*Create and maintain an atmosphere of safe space and mutual respect.

Enthusiastic Participation: You will be on your feet participating!

* Theatre activities designed to encourage the power in imagination and the value of your creative voice.

*Theatre is not learned in a book- it is learned by doing! 

Master Beginning Level Theatre Skills: designed to enhance creativity, self-discipline, and cultural awareness.  *improvisation* vocal projection*relaxation techniques* script work* *playwriting* stage design* character development*poetry*movement*

Learn from professionals: guest artists, playwrights, actors, poets, & choreographers.

* Enrich class and provide students with a unique opportunity to work with professionals.

*Students are expected to work cooperatively with all guest artists and visitors.

Reflect on a daily basis: to support student comprehension.

*take time to celebrate successes *identify shortcomings *set goals for improvement

Course Units and Summative Assessments:
                    Tentative Schedule

Week 1 Safe Space

  What is Safe Space?

          Week 8 PERFORM your voice
Perform for classmates and community

Week 2-3 Identity in Safe Space

          Who am I? Who are WE?

Week 9-12 Inspiration for Creation

   What inspires you to create?

Week 4 Artistry in Safe Space

            How do I express my voice?

Week 12-14 Igniting your Passion

             Why do we create?

            Week 5-CREATE your voice

            Creation of performance piece

Week 15-17 Focus the Fire

Focus on performance project for end of semester

Week 6-7 REHEARSE your voice

    Rehearsal of performance piece

Week 17-18 Final Performance
Final Performance End of semester reflection

Grading:  Grading Criteria:

Students will demonstrate their knowledge through participation:
performance, writing, reflections, investigations and presentations.

Required Materials/Assessments Include:   Daily Participation: Warm ups & Scene Work  Creative and Critical Writing                                  Ensemble Performance            Teacher Assessment     Individual Performance             Student Assessment

Grade Make-Up

· Daily Participation            30%

§  At the core of every student’s success is an excellent attendance and consistent commitment. Acting students are expected to be present, on time, and focused.


· Written and Performance Assessment            35%

§  Writing assignments, poetry, monologues, play reviews, etc. will be assessed by specific criteria and kept in a class journal.


· Acting Showcase                                                     35%

Students will be required to perform in two community performances (Midquarter, and Final) as part of your final grade. Friends and family will be invited to attend. (Unexcused absence of showcase will result in lowering of grade by one letter.)

Grading scale:                        


Grade Definitions



93.00 - 100%

90.00 – 92.99%

Exemplary, in circle when bell rings, no electronics visible, listens to others, contributes ideas regularly and without prompt, excellent attendance and promptness. Reliable in maintaining a safe space for self and others.



87.00 – 89.99%

Proficient/Thorough, usually in circle when bell rings, minimal reminders about electronics and listening/contributing to classroom climate. Strong attendance and promptness. Some guidance needed in maintaining safe space for self and others. Effort is shown with room to improve.


83.00 - 86.99%



80.00 – 82.99%



77.00 – 79.99%

Room to Grow, may need reminders to circle up, keep electronics put away, and prompting to listen and share. Attendance and promptness concerns. Effort is shown, yet reminders and support for growth is a need for this student.


73.00 – 76.99%



70.00 – 72.99%



67.00 – 69.99%

Seeking Improvement, Attendance, promptness and electronics concerns. Struggles to follow through with participation, listening and contributing to classroom climate.


63.00 - 66.99%



60.00 – 62.99%



0 – 59.99%

Unacceptable, Spotty attendance, often late, does not finish work or participate, little success in maintaining an atmosphere of safe space and respect


 Missing & Late Work: Participation and your physical presence is your guide to earning an A in theatre class. In the case of absences, the student will be responsible for checking in first with classmates about rehearsal changes, and then with teacher and/or guest artist for any clarifications.

Extra Credit: Students may attend invited performances for extra credit as applicable.


Grading modifications may be made for students with IEP or 504 plans. 

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