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South competes on National French Test


The National French Contest (Le Grand Concours) is an annual competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French.

Students of French in grades 1-12, in all 50 states and abroad, take an online test and compete against students with similar educational backgrounds for prizes.

We proudly commend the forty-eight South High students of French teachers Melissa Davis and Kristen Gupta-Turnbull who took on the challenge to compete!

2018 National French Test Contest results:

Student Name & Level of French

Minnesota Chapter Rank

National Percentile


Astrid Berger, French 1




Silver Medal, Lauréat National

Irena Wilson, French 4




Bronze Medal, Lauréat National

Lily Andersen

French 1



Bronze Medal, Lauréat National


Honorable Mention

Students in the 50th – 70th percentiles nationally.


French 4

Zoie Hetletvedt

Lili Jensen

Joel Koerner

Gillian Rath


French 3

Nina Brennecke

Georgia Schaefer-Brown


French 1:

Fletcher Anderson

Mercedes Hanson-Mounde

Brian Ojeda Jaramillo

Beatrice Kennedy-Logan

Sylvie Rainville

Floritzel Reyes


These students also took the National French Test and we commend them for their efforts:


French 1:

Abdifatah Abdi

Hamda Abdi

Ana Tirado Ayavaca

Joshua Baumgart

Deisy Cervantes Vivar

Ulysses Dolan

Ladan Hassan

Amelia Kroesch

Sarah Meek

Milo Miles

Janaai Mogollon Flores

Mohamed Mouhoumed

Carlos Ortiz

Estephania Silvestre

Grace Staeheli

Abrea Woller


French 2:

Fadumo Mohamed

Alaiyah Nelsen-Tobechukwu

Brennan Sele


French 3:

Steven Bravo-Dominguez

Stephania Coria

Alexis Hanson-Mounde

Antonio Haskell

Sophie Mord-Boyd

Cecilia O-Connor

Marisol Garcia Ortiz

Oliver Roberg-Perez

Soren Sidorfsky

Kowsar Warsame

Vitoria Wright

Hamdi Yusuf


French 4:

Axel Onofre Montiel

Asha Salah