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South student competes internationally


Sweden won the Bandy World Championship games last week, but South hockey player Lilah Schulz says it was notable achievement that she and her U.S. teammates were able to score a single goal in their game against the Swedish powerhouse.

Schulz took to the ice and helped the U.S. team as goalie in the win over Norway. The U.S. lost to Sweden, but considering the relative newness of the sport in the U.S., they did phenomenally.  Bandy, Schulz explains, is a sport much like hockey, played on a soccer-sized field of ice, with shorter sticks.

It is expected to be sanctioned as a U.S. Olympic sport in 2022. Currently, Roseville, MN is the only site for American bandy play, which is why it hosted the international competition last week. Schulz is also a member of the MPS composite hockey team.