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South's rookie debaters take 1st!


Hello from the Minnesota Urban Debate League!

We want to congratulate you on how well your school’s debaters performed at the Tamar Kaplan Invitational at Highland Park Senior High School this weekend.

Coaches Chris Stinson, Erick Taggart, Oskar Tauring-Traxler, and Bobby Ciborowski brought a group of young debaters who showed their skills!

We want to recognize South High School’s rookie debaters who won 1st place in their category and Friday’s novice speaker award winners Marianna Hefte and Eamon Howell.

These debaters demonstrated great argumentation skills.

Eamon Howell wants to bring your attention to Zigi Kaiser-Holt this week. “She’s been working really hard this season and has come a long way,” he says.

Zigi and Irsa earned an impressive 2nd place in the Junior Varsity category on Saturday!

South High School has had a strong debate season so far, and we’re so happy that they compete in the MNUDL. The team’s presence helps make the whole debate league stronger. We can’t wait to see them grow even more during the rest of the year!


Jake Swede

Program Director

Minnesota Urban Debate League

Tournament Results


Rookie Speakers:

  • 1st: Asharia Johnston

  • 2nd: Manny Nunez

Rookie Teams:

  • 1st: Johnston & Nunez

Novice Speakers:

  • 4th: Marianna Hefte

  • 5th: Eamon Howell

  • 15th: Guille Bastian McClain

  • 27th: Elliot Duffy

  • 29th: Zakaria Mohamed

Novice Teams:

  • 11th: Howell & Duffy

  • 18th: Hefte & Bastian McClain

  • 21st: Zakaria Mohamed

Junior Varsity Speakers:

  • 19th: Keegan Conlee

  • 33rd: Banyan Bendzick

Junior Varsity Teams:

  • 16th: Bendzick & Conlee


Novice Speakers:

  • 14th: Marianna Hefte

  • 20th: Rahma Farah

  • 23rd: Shehnaz Nurien

  • 25th: Zakaria Mohamed

  • 33rd: Elliot Duffy

  • 34th: Guille Bastian McClain

  • 38th: Eamon Howell

Novice Teams:

  • 17th: Howell & Duffy

  • 19th: Hefte & Bastian McClain

  • 20th: Farah & Nurien

  • 22nd: Mohamed & Hall

Junior Varsity Speakers:

  • 6th: Zigi Kaiser-Holt

  • 10th: Zach Moore

  • 11th: Isra Hirsi

  • 21st: Joshua Neuhauser

Junior Varsity Teams:

  • 2nd: Hirsi & Kaiser Holt

  • 9th: Neuhauser & Moore

Varsity Speakers:

  • 38th: Rakeb Max

  • 51st: Finn Niesewand

Varsity Teams:

  • 20th: Max & Niesewand