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South High School: Visual Arts


Are you… creative?  a free thinker? hard working? curious? open-minded?  observant? a person who likes working with your hands?


South High School: Visual Arts


Our Mission:

To support and engage students in the arts to better prepare them to be “out of the box thinkers”, idea generators, problem solvers and empathetic citizens of the larger community.


We Believe:

Through the arts, students develop visual communication skills, strengthen their sense of identity, and gain confidence to embrace the responsibility for their own learning and lives.


In our classes:

Students will develop knowledge and understanding of the art forms, media, techniques and processes.

Students will demonstrate high order thinking through, planning and refining their ideas and creating solutions to artistic problems.

Students will practice good studio habits.

Students will create artworks that express their ideas, knowledge and acquired skills and techniques.

Students will be introduced to and incorporate art from a variety of cultures, styles and forms.


Our Department:  With Four full time art teachers we are able to offer more choices and classes for South High students.  We have on classroom entirely dedicated to ceramics and continue to offer the high quality ceramics program that South is known for.  We have two painting and drawing rooms where students take…


Our Instructors:  Cynthia Berger, Corbin Doty, and David Olson & Thomas Willicombe


Our Classes: are multi-grade semester long courses open to students from all programs at South H.S. This diversity in our classrooms allows for multi-age & experience collaboration and learning from each other.


Our Course offerings:

Ceramics I & II                                                Painting I & II                                     Digital Photo**

Advanced Ceramics                                       Advanced Painting                            Adobe Photoshop**

Drawing I & II                                                  Global Art                                           Design Theory**

Advanced Drawing                                        Advanced Placement Art*                Adobe Illustrator**

* with pre-requisite or teacher recommendation

**Offered through Career and Technical Education