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South High Math Center

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A Guide for Teachers, Parents, Guardians and Students!




What is the SHS Math Center?

The South High Math Center is the first line of support for students in need of remediation, differentiation or an additional challenge. Students may make use of the center during their regular math courses as recommended by their math teacher or may be referred to the center through self, teacher, counselor or parent referrals. The Center is open during periods 2-6 in room 224s and is staffed hourly with a licensed math teacher and student tutors.

How can the Math Center support students in mathematics?

The Math center is available for scheduled individual appointments, walk-in appointments and referral appointments. Additionally, the center will be used by other math teachers through either a push-in or pull-out model. Small groups of students could be assigned to the center to be provided with additional support, a challenging extension or a hands-on exploration that would help develop greater conceptual understanding.

Students may visit the Math Center for individualized support in….

  • Homework help

  • Studying for a test, reviewing test errors, retesting

  • Hands-on exploration of the concepts covered in class

  • Help is getting caught up after absences

  • Support with math-related science assignments

  • ACT/SAT prep

  • Study skills, calculator help, confidence building and more!

How do I make an appointment?

Individual tutoring appointments can be made through our online scheduling system, or by simply scanning the QR code at left. Appointments can also be made in person in the Math Center, room 224s. Students may visit the center during any class period per teacher approval. All students must have a signed pass from the teacher whose class they are leaving in order to visit the center. Appointments are available in 25 and 50 minute sessions.

For more information

For more information please visit our website at or simply scan the QR code at right. You may also contact us directly at

We look forward to your visit and are eager to help!

- Stephanie Woldum and Rob Rumppe, SHS Math Teachers