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South High Counseling Department News

South Counseling Department News:

Elizabeth Engelhart has been on a family leave since mid-October and will continue her leave to the end of the school year.  Kim Friesen, (counselor at South High from 2001-2014), has returned from retirement as a long term sub for Ms. Engelhart and will remain at South to the end of the school year.  Ms. Friesen currently serves students with the Last names beginning with G-I.  Her office hours are full days on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and every other Friday.   She can be reached directly at 612-668-4482 (  If you need an appointment to meet with Ms. Friesen, or have other questions, please call our Counseling Offices at 612-668-4371and 612-668-4367.


Kim Vu Friesen, M.A.

Licensed School Counselor

Long Term Sub for Elizabeth Engelhart

Students’ Last Names: G,H,& I

(d) 612-668-4482

(o) 612-668-4367

(f)  612-668-4359