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Students build coalitions over spring break


The three-day Model United Nations event, organized by the YMCA's Youth in Government program, "Introduces students to "conflict resolution, public speaking, as well as making new friends and being exposed to new ideas. It also promotes leadership through character development, while introducing students to a vast array of ideas." -YMCA

Participating students and assigned delegations:

Anthony Beerswing - Venezuela
Ethan Cheme - Georgia
Patty Cichantek - Guatemala
Luis Cuyun-Grimm - Colombia
Denali Doying - Venezuela
Max Folina - Venezuela
Meagan Fortier - Uzbekistan
Sophie Harriss - Namibia
Mia Heard - Uzbekistan
Eleanore Hunt - Georgia
Rose Letofsky - Namibia
Livia Lund - Guatemala
Bryce Maples - Colombia
Liam McQuade - Colombia
Mara Morgan - Georgia
Townsend Nelson - Belarus
Cyrus Nordhougen - Belarus
Miguel Reich-Brandao - Portugal
Amelia Richter - Venezuela
Elijah Shimanski - Belarus
Nadine Stodolka - Croatia
Shane Stodolka - Portugal
Maren Stone - Georgia
Charles Thompson - Venezuela
Bela Toscani - Guatemala
Augie Wifler - Portugal
Sidonia Zinky - Croatia
Ingrid Zoll - Georgia