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South families, we need your help!


Greetings, all families of South High Students.

We are in URGENT need of 100+ volunteers to put on the Graduation party for South High Seniors on Saturday June 3rd. We need the help of Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior and Senior parents. Plus, there's FREE FOOD! :-) We will not be able to have the party if we do not have enough chaperones to safely host it. The time commitment is up to you – one shift is fine. 

Most senior parents can't help because they have family in town because of graduation - so it helps to have non-senior parents (like us!) help out.

Thank you Tiger Families!




Your help ensures a safe, all-night party for South High graduates.  

  • Thank you for considering!  

  • The party takes place at a "secret" destination graduation night, June 3rd and into the morning of June 4th.

  • Parents and Guardians of ALL grade level students (Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors) are welcome, needed and encouraged to be part of this wonderful tradition.

If you can help,

Here's what volunteers will do:

      1. Pre-party registration (over lunch hours at school) starting Monday May 15th - Wednesday May 31st.

      2. Set up decorations on graduation day June 3rd  6pm-9pm.

      3. Work in 2-3 hour shifts at the party to assist with security, entertainment, food service, and clean-up June 3rd - June 4th early morning.