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South debate honored by MN UDL


Hello from the Minnesota Urban Debate League! This weekend was the Citywide Championship tournament, and we want to congratulate South High on your team’s great season and fantastic final competition results!

South High School’s coaches Erick Taggart, Chris Stinson, Oskar Tauring-Traxler, Bobby Ciborowski led their students through another successful tournament! The team was honored for being the largest UDL team! We can’t wait to see what their many new students do as they continue to learn and grow!

We also want to send our congratulations to Gabe Chang-Deutsch and Anton Jahn-Vaurus for being finalists in the varsity category!

They went to varsity in just a couple tournaments, just like that,” says senior Rakeb Max.

Gabe and Anton credit their team for helping them grow this year. “The varsity team really helped us out,” says Gabe. They tried to make debate a welcoming space for us.”

All four of South High School’s varsity debaters were recognized for being in the top 15 speakers!

We also want to congratulate Eamon Howell and Elliot Duffy for advancing to the novice semifinals!

Eamon works hard. He studies the evidence by himself over nights. I believe he put in the work and he’s getting the results,” says his teammate Zakaria.

Your debaters have had a fantastic year, and we couldn’t be prouder. South High School’s debate team members bring valuable perspectives and skills to debate, enriching education in the Twin Cities.


Thank you for your support of the team over a great year. We can’t wait to see what your students do next!

Jake Swede
Program Director
The Minnesota Urban Debate League


Tournament Results

Novice Teams:

  • Semifinalists: Howell & Duffy

  • 5th: Nurien & Lamb

  • 11th: Bastian McClain & Hefte

  • 13th: Moore & Abdullahi

  • 16th: Johnston & Nunez

Novice Speakers:

  • 2nd: Marianna Hefte

  • 5th: Lillian Lamb

  • 11th: Elliot Duffy

  • 16th: Zach Moore

  • 16th: Eamon Howell

  • 22nd: Noah Abudllahi

  • 24th: Guille Bastian McClain

  • 27th: Asharia Johnston

  • 28th: Manny Nunez

Junior Varsity Teams:

  • 6th: Hirsi & Kaiser Holt

  • 13th: Bendzick & Conlee

Junior Varsity Speakers:

  • 8th: Isra Hirsi

  • 8th: Zigi Kaiser-Holt

  • 20th: Keegan Conlee

  • 23rd: Banyan Bendzick

Varsity Teams:

  • Finalists: Jahn-Vaurus & Chang-Deutsch

  • 12th: Niesewand & Max

Varsity Speakers:

  • 7th: Gabe Chang-Deutsch

  • 9th: Finn Niesewand

  • 12th: Rakeb Max

  • 13th: Anton Jahn-Vaurus