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SHS Debate competes at Roseville tourney


South High!

Coaches Chris Stinson, Allegro Wang, & Oskar Tauring-Traxler
traveled with students to Roseville Area High School in Roseville, MN this weekend.

We especially want to congratulate Clara Conry and Zaraia Fabunmi for earning 14th place in the novice division. Clara won a 12th place speaker award. These awards are given to students who earn the highest points for argumentation and public speaking skills.

Zaraia and Clara say the best thing they’ve gotten out of debate this year so far is making friends with their opponents. “Competition with someone shouldn’t bar you from getting to know them,” says Clara. “There’s been a lot of people we competed against that we’ve become friends with who we normally might not have known. The people you’re up against aren’t evil. They may be better than you, but they’re just doing their best like you are.” We like this fair-play attitude and we are excited to see your students befriending competitors from a range of schools both inside and outside St. Paul and Minneapolis!

Thanks so much for your support of your school’s debate team. Your students are having an outstanding year so far, and we’re looking forward to seeing them continue their success.  


Jake Swede
Program Director
Minnesota Urban Debate League


Rookie Division

Team Awards

Speaker Awards

Novice Division

Team Awards

  • 14th: Conry & Fabunmi

  • 28th: Heath & Olsen

  • 32nd: Jama & Niblett

Speaker Awards

  • 12th: Clara Conry

  • 37th: Annabelle Niblett

  • 50th: Zaraia Fabunmi

  • 52nd: Sahara Jama

  • 56th: Madeleine Heath

  • 58th: Jacob Olsen

Junior Varsity Division

Team Awards

  • 9th: Eamon Howell & Alex Shuck

Speaker Awards

  • 15th: Eamon Howell