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Former South student passes away


Dear friends,

Although a few of you are aware of this news, we are finally ready to send out this email to let everyone (especially those who do not see Facebook news) know about the passing of our daughter on May 31, 2018. She was doing something she loved -- bicycling very fast on Oakland, CA, hills when she missed a curve and flew into a car. She died immediately; the people in the car were unharmed. Two friends were bicycling with her and tried to resuscitate her, but her spirit had left her body.

While we have been stunned and heartbroken by this devastating event, what is foremost in our hearts and minds is how fortunate we feel to have been the parents of this amazing, delightful, adventurous, loving, talented, and beautiful person for the nearly 29 years of her life -- her birthday will be July 22, the date we have chosen for her memorial party at our home.

As some have remarked, she lived the lives of 10 people in her 28+ years. In addition to enjoying her as a child, we were so pleased to know her as an adult and experience first-hand her generosity, kindness, consideration, maturity, and thoughtfulness. In the past few years, she took us to the California coast and wine country, to the Grand Canyon, Bryce, and Zion, to Yosemite, and to Panama where the highlight was scuba diving with her and seeing a whale shark -- a rarity that she was thrilled to share with Bill, her then 80-year-old dad.

We also feel very lucky that we had four wonderful days with her over Memorial Weekend where she shared many meals with us and friends.  Tanya was very clear in expressing her love for us and for each of her friends over the weekend. All I can say is that every moment with Tanya was a joy.

In the past few years Tatyana loved and was loved both broadly and deeply; she had a core circle of friends and broader community that she stayed close to throughout all of her adventures. She was a photographer and had become extremely fluent in Spanish. She danced, practiced yoga, learned ukelele, wrote songs and sang alone and with Tatateo, with Mount Saint Elias and with street musicians all over the world, served beautiful food at BlueStem Brassierie and LaMar, enjoyed cooking for and with friends, babysat for her favorite Oakland family, became a trail runner, surfed, scuba dived, snorkled, snowboarded, climbed, camped - alone and with friends, kayaked, canoed, and as a Backroads leader and as an individual traveler hiked and biked in Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Indonesia, Vietnam, Italy, Germany, Spain, Morocco, San Juan Islands, Yosemite, California wine country, Minnesota, Kansas, Colorado, Vermont, Oregon, Washington, and many other gorgeous places on this earth. She also enjoyed reading, thinking about life and philosophy, and discovering her own truths. She was/is a joyful spirit.

There are many beautiful things said about her on her facebook page (Tatyana Schmid). To see many of her photos you can also check out her Instagram (tatyanaschmid).

The memorial party/wake for her will be Sunday, July 22, 2018, at our home: 2546 38th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55406.  We are planning it from 2 p.m. - 10 p.m., with some kind of short program at 4:30 p.m. -- the time of her birth and the time of her death/passing. There will be food and beverages, music, and opportunities for friends/family to comment about Tatyana if they wish - in writing, or by speaking.

We don't have everyone's emails, so if you know others who would like to come on July 22, please spread the word!

For those who have asked if she had a favorite charity, we are working on a way to give a gift in her memory to a weaving community in Peru that she was working with as she planned a business that would be mutually beneficial and would enable her to return many times to people and places she loved. We'll send another email with that information as soon as we have it figured out.

Thank you all for your love and support!

Love! and may each of us have such a joyful journey!


Maya and Bill