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Social Work Services

Distance Learning Availabiliy: Please contact your Social Worker by text or phone to their Google Voice numbers and/or email:  

  • Salma Hussein: 612.405.8471;
  • Becky Wood: 612.314.9566;
  • Katie Fritz: 612.466.0468;
  • Sheri Harris, Lead: 612.405.8321;

Social workers at South are here to help students and families overcome challenges beyond the classroom.

● We empower students and families with information.

● We eliminate or alleviate barriers to achievement.

● Know someone who needs help? We accept referrals from everyone--students, familiy, teachers and staff.

● Students are assigned to social workers according to student last name, grade level, and in some cases, their program.

We address issues related to:

  • Basic needs of clothing, food, shelter.
  • Social challenges.
  • Emotional and behavioral issues.
  • Mental health concerns.
  • Attendance and truancy concerns.
  • Crisis support.
  • Resources. 

We support students by:

  • Advocating for them when their families are in crisis.
  • Guiding them to a variety of community resources. 
  • Communicating, on their behalf, with school staff and community providers.
  • Finding appropriate support groups.
  • Supporting homeless and highly mobile students and families.
  • Supporting Special Education students.
  • Supporting pregnant and parenting students.
  • Providing resources:

We advise support groups:

  • LGBTQA+ - Students, identifying or exploring identifies as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Allied+ youth.
  • Healthy Choices - Students identified with concerns about substance use at school and a desire to explore better, healthier choices.
  • CBITS - For students specifically identified by Social Worker.
  • Silver Ribbon Campaign - Students, affected directly and indirectly by mental illness.

ASD - Autism Spectrum Disorder
DCD - Developmental Coordination Disorder
LS - Life Skills
CBITS - Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools
LGBTQA - Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Questioning Allies+