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Site Council

Site Council is the policy-making body for South High School, comprised of staff, parents and community members. We provide direction to administration, with the shared goal of enhancing student achievement. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Long-range planning
  • Development and oversight of the School Improvement Plan (SIP)
  • Monitoring of the school budget
  • Regular assessment of shared-decision making

Principal selection process

When a principal search process is launched, Site Councils across the district are charged by the district with 1) Disseminating a stakeholder survey, and 2) Serving on the interview team. To be inclusive of the diverse community that is South High, South's Site Council made the unusual move to look to its bylaws to bring non-Site Council members into the process. The bylaws, indeed, provided for the formation of task force committees, which report to the Site Council and may include community members. Below are the Principal Selection Task Force Committees created by the South High Site Council.

⬇️ The work of each committee flows into the next and culminates with a principal candidate recommendation made to the Site Council.

Survey Committee

Work of this task force began at the April 9 joint meeting of Site Council and PUSH (Parents United for South High), when district officials explained the principal search process to the South High community, and handed out the survey produced by MPS Human Resources. Attendees asked that various modifications be made; and by table groups, parents and teachers marked up surveys with edits and suggestions. PR Coordinator Lisa Ramirez was charged with coalescing those modifications into a new survey, and worked with the Site Council to finalize the survey. Work completed. 

Profile Committee

Analyzing, evaluating the survey results, to determine what attributes stakeholders value and expect in principal candidates, is the work of the Profile Committee. With this information the group is charged with producing the principal profile, which will be used by Interview Questions Committee to produce questions, and by the Interview Committee to evaluate principal candidates. Site Council leads of this working group are Kyra Osterdorf and Pete Munene. The administrative lead is Isa RodriguezCommittee timeline: Working group meetings: week of May 6 | Presents to Site Council: May 13 | Presents to the Interview Questions Committee: May 14.

Interview Questions Committee

This committee will meet Tuesday, May 14 & Wednesday, May 15 | 4-6 p.m. | South High room 317

  • Site Council will give an overview of the Principal Selection Process.
  • The Profile Committee will present the Principal Profile. 
  • The Profile Committee will provide context for its use in producing questions.


Interview Committee

Nominees to the interview committee were chosen by the Site Council which aimed tto select an interview committee reflective of the diversity that is South High. Candidates were evaluated according to their nomination statements imparting what perspective and experiences they would bring to the interview team and, if they chose, the community perspective they felt uniquely qualified to represent.

Members are: Sheila Willette, Randy Hedlund, Corinth Matera, Sarah Minette, S.T. Jamison, Elle Meza, Necie Ellis, Jordan Dotson, Nancy Yang, Ashlyn Ziegler, Korina Barry, Ahmed Yusuf, Mercedes Walker, Kelsey Clark, Judy Ayers, Joe Rice. 

This team is charged with deciding who among the committee will serve in the role of interviewer or observer. Over the course of two days, in the final week of May, they will interview principal candidates, deliberate and decide if a candidate is worthy of recommendation. In accordance with the bylaws, recommendation of this task force committee is to be brought to the Site Council for final approval.

Site Council meets, date TBD

In a closed meeting, the Site Council will receive the Interview Committee's recommendation for principal. Upon approval, the recommendation will be forwarded to the Superintendent.

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