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MN Secretary of State Simon visits South


In meetings with two US Government classes, Student Council officers and Student Election Judges, Secretary of State Steve Simon delivered a very succinct, impressive message about the ease with which people in the state of Minnesota can now vote. He also spoke of and expanded on the many reasons no one should take their vote for granted:

  • It's the right thing to do.
  • Remember, people fought and died for the right to vote.
  • Failing to vote is not an act of rebellion, it's an act of surrender.
  • You may not be in to politics, but know, politics is in to you.
  • It's easy! Go to

Secretary Simon also fielded questions. One student asked, what social justice issue he thought most important. Simon answered, "Access to the ballot box. Removing barriers to voting."

Sitting with Student Council officers and Student Election Judges, Simon asked about student government at South. The students shared thoughts and the suggestion that he encourage students to participate in student government. This, one student said, helps to get an understanding of leadership from peers and exposure to various leadership styles.

The Secretary, at end, conveyed his own impressive take on South students, noting South was the first to sign up for 2016 Students Vote and he offered further praise, "Do you know your reputation as South students? You should. You're engaged. You're civic-minded. You are students who give a damn." 

Simon ended his day highlighting National Voter Registration Day at the University of Minnesota's Voterpalooza, launching the Minnesota College Ballot Bowl.

Secretary of State Simon address US Government class
Simon chats with Maria
Government teacher Mr. Nohel asked Simon about nationwide voting uniformity
Southerner reporter Oliver Hall interviews Simon
Student Council members speak to Simon's questions about student political engagement
Student Election judges also had seats at the table with the SOS
South High students pose with the SOS