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Scott Wentworth

The Program-  Partnership is an opportunity for you to reconnect with school.  You are part of a small community and will have the chance to make up missing credits by completing a Second Credit project each quarter.  The projects will change periodically so make sure that you understand the requirements prior to starting.  To be eligible to do the project you need to have a grade of C- or better and, at least, 80% attendance.


The Teacher-  I have been a Minneapolis teacher for 16 years.  I have previously worked at Anthony Middle School, Benneker Middle School and Marcy Open School.  This is my 3rd year at South.  I am a resident of Minneapolis and am proud to work in my community.  I am married to another teacher and have a lovely Golden Retriever.


The Class-  We will be studying a variety of Social Studies.  To goal is the send you out into the world with the knowledge that you will need to be successful.  This year we will focus on Social-Emotional Learning as the first semester Partnership theme.  Quarter 1 will look at what it means for your life (we will also look at the election).  Second Quarter will focus on what happens when it goes wrong and whether or not laws and rules can modify behavior.  There will be elements of Geography, Sociology and History embedded in the class.