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School Supplies

WELCOME to a new school year, Tigers!

  • First week: Students will only need a notebook, folder, and writing utensil.
  • In class: Teachers will provide supply lists.
  • Need school supplies? No problem. Contact your social worker. Every student has one!
  • For your shopping convenience, see general lists below. 
  • Save receipts for tax purposes. According to the MN Department of Revenue, most school supply expenses qualify if required for the normal school day – i.e. for subjects normally taught in public school grades K-12."


Need guidance on mask buying? Check out these news sources, and remember to buy extra.

1. Washington Post - Finding reliable masks online can be tricky. Here are tips that can help.

2. KARE 11 - U of M professor creates new child mask tip sheet

3. Star Tribune - How to pick a better mask against COVID

4. Twitter - @masknerd Minnesota-Based Aaron Collins whose mask research is cited in the Washington Post.

Generally, for each class, students will need:
1. Notebook (spiral or composition)
2. Writing utensils: pens, pencils, and highlighters
3. Pocket folder for organizing work
4. Mask (Do buy extra. Masks get wet and soiled and you'll want to have another available each day.)

1. Water bottle

Useful, may be optional or required:
(Recommend waiting to get teacher's supply list before buying.)
1. Colored pencils (needed for Social Studies)
2. Set of Sharpies, or other felt-tipped markers (needed for Social Studies)
3. Glue sticks (needed for Social Studies)
4. Double-sided tape (needed for Social Studies)
5. Sticky notes/Post Its, small size for annotating
6. Loose-leaf paper
7. Note cards
8. Ear buds
9. 3-ring binder
10. Composition notebook

For some MATH, and SCIENCE classes you may need:
(Again recommend waiting for teacher supply list before buying.)
1. Graph paper
2. Compass, protractor (Geometry)
3. Scientific calculator
4. Graphing calculator. TI-84 recommended (Statistics)

Language classes (Depending on class):
1. Spanish-English dictionary
2. French-English dictionary

Vocal Music classes
Half-inch black 3-ring binder (the narrowest one you can get!)
2. Composition notebook or spiral notebook
4.Tab dividers for 3-ring binder
5 Water bottle

Gym classes:
1. Tennis Shoes
2. Athletic shorts, t-shirt, sweatpants, sweatshirt
3. Water bottle
4. $5 deposit for lock rental ($5 returned at end of semester)

Appreciated (as classroom donations*):

1. Box of tissue 
MPS supplies schools and classrooms with approved products in accordance to safety gudielines.

*Give to a teacher, or label “For Social Worker” and drop off at welcome desk or main office.