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Rumppe's Helpful Codes

Rumppe’s List of Helpful Math Codes



MPS Red: #BF311A rgb (191,49,26)

MPS Blue #5261AC rgb (82,97,172)

MPS Yellow #FDB813 rgb (253,184,19)

MPS Orange #FC6602 rgb (252,102,2)

MPS Purple #5A3D98 rgb (90,61,152)

MPS Teal #00958F rgb (0,149,143)

MPS Green #9FA617 rgb (159,166,23)


Gradebook Colors

Assessments #BEE0E5 rgb (190, 224, 229)

Assignments #E6F6F8 rgb (230, 246, 248)

Other Color #FFD6D2 rgb (255, 214, 210)

Other Color #FFBBB2 rgb (255, 184, 178)

Other Color #FFF1D2 rgb (255, 241, 210)


Color Scheme Designer


Arrow (down) Option+ 2193
Arrow (left) Option+ 2190
Arrow (right) Option+ 2192
Arrow (up) Option+ 2191
Finger (left) Option+ 261C
Finger (up) Option+ 261D
Finger (right) Option+ 261E
Finger (down) Option+ 261F
Star (closed) Option+ 2B51
Star (open) Option+ 2B52
Angle Option+ 2220
Angle (measure) Option+ 2221
Congruent Option+ 2245
Circle Option+ 25EF
Hexagon Option+ 2B21
Perpendicular Option+ 27C2
Parallel To Option+ 2225
Pentagon Option+ 2B20
Right Angle Option+ 221F
Similar to Option+ 2243
Triangle Option+ 25B3
Greek (lower)
Alpha α Option+ 03B1
Beta β Option+ 03B2
Chi χ Option+ 03C7
Gamma γ Option+ 03B2
Mu μ Option+ 03BC
Pi π Option+ 03C0
Sigma σ Option+ 03C3
Theta θ Option+ 03B8
Greek (upper)
Alpha Α Option+ 0391
Beta Β Option+ 0392
Gamma Γ Option+ 0393
Pi Π Option+ 03A0
Sigma Σ Option+ 03A3
And Option+ 2227
If and Only If Option+ 21D4
Intersect Option+ 22C2
Implies Option+ 21D2
Not Sign ¬ Option+ 00AC
Or Option+ 2228
Therefore Option+ 2234
Union Option+ 22C3
Cube Root Option+ 221B
Division ÷ Option+ 00F7
Fourth Root Option+ 221C
Integral Option+ 222B
Minus Option+ 2212
Multiplication(dot) Option+ 2219
Multiplication (x) × Option+ 00D7
Plus (full width) Option+ FF0B
Square Root Option+ 221A
Box (empty) Option+ 2610
Box (x) Option+ 2612
Box (check) Option+ 2611
Ellipsis (horz-midline) Option+ 22EF
Ellipsis (vertical) Option+ 22EE
Nonbreaking Space   Option+ 0009
X Option+ 2573
Approximately Equal Option+ 2248
Asymptotically Equal To Option+ 2243
Greater/Equal Option+ 2265
Identical To Option+ 2261
Less/Equal Option+ 2264
Not Equal Option+ 2244
Complex Option+ 2102
Element Of Option+ 2208
Empty Set Option+ 2205
For All Option+ 2200
Infinity Option+ 221E
Intersect Option+ 22C2
Naturals Option+ 2115
Rationals Option+ 211A
Reals Option+ 211D
There Exists Option+ 2203
Union Option+ 22C3
Cent ¢ Option+ 00A2
Degree ° Option+ 00B0
Euro Option+ 20AC
Pound £ Option+ 00A3