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Racial Justice Day at South wraps as a success


The student-led day of education and activism was an alternative to the regular school day, giving students the opportunity to attend four 65-minute workshops over the course of the day to focus on issues of race equity, social justice and South High identity.

According to Ethan Dean, Diversity and Equity Coordinator, students responded well, choosing options during each workshop segment. "Many workshops were at capacity. By afternoon, students were comfortable with the open format and able to find their voice, becoming less passive and increasing their participation levels."

Students and staff have or are in the process of evaluating the day. Surveys will be studied. Takeaways from the day will lay ground work for future events. What has already been determined is that in the future, this event will take place in a month prior to May, when the calendar of events, actvities and field trips is less demanding.

Thanks to so many, particulary our presenters, South teachers and staff, the businesses who contributed donations, partner schools from MPS and across the metro, as well as parents and community members who offered expressions of support. The day as it occurred could not have happened as successfully without you!

Here we must add, we are grateful to our South students for embracing this day of education and activism as their own and sharing it with staff.


RJD by the numbers:

58 different workshops totalling 158 unique workshops

21 led by community members for a total of 55 workshops (16% and 34%)
7 led by staff for a total of 28 workshops (12% and 17%)
20 led by students for a total of 65 workshops (all student workshops, South included) (34% and 41%)
16 led by SOUTH students for a total of 50 (just South) (27% and 32%)
We are eternally grateful to all who presented! Thank you for extending your wisdom, knowledge to our community here at South High!
Contact info for community presenters:

Dominique Diaddigo-Cash

Youth Undoing Institutional Racism Freedom School

First 2 workshops

Yonci Jameson

Yoof Action and Engagement!

All 4

Alejandro Eduarte

MIXED: the weight of Black, Indigenous, and Latinx identity

All 4

Michelle Gross

Know Your Rights! Empower Yourself When Dealing with Police

All 4

Kaaha Nasteexo

Gentrification, Privatization and Racism, Oh My!

Last 3

Jacques Elate-Joss

Musical Roots and Race: And The Beat Goes On!

First 3

Ramone Bridges

Race In Music

All 4

Planned Parenthood

What is Reproductive Justice?

Workshops 2 and 3

Educate Ya Self

3 white ally workshops for all 4 sessions, colorism for the last 3, teacher workshop for all 4,

All day

Carlyle Brown   

Freedom Summer 64’

All day

Robbinsdale High School

We stand on the back of our ancestors: Continuing the work towards Ethnic Studies in Robbinsdale Area Schools

Kate Towle

The Intersection of Adultism and Racism: Why Youth Voice is Essential to the Dialogue

All day


Joy Sunshine Day

Comics, Zines, and other means of rebellion

2 morning sessions