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How to do Research
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5 Steps to Research 

Step 1: Question

What’s the question or problem?

What do you know? What do you need to know?

Step 2: Gather

Where will you look?  (Ex.:  Library catalog, Reference Database, Search engines, Experts, Other)

What keywords will you use?

What are the best sources? How do I know?

How will you record what you find? (Ex.:  Notebook, Note cards, word processor, audio or video recording, other)

How will you cite your sources?

Step 3: Conclude 

What did you learn from reading, listening or viewing?

Did you answer the question? Can you organize the information to support your answer?

Step 4:  Communicate

How will you communicate what you learned?  (Ex.: essay, electronic slide show, video, oral report, poster, etc.)

Step 5: Evaluate

How did you do?

How can you improve next time?

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