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Literacy Daily Reading Expectation
Reading Target

Students are expected to read a minimum of 20 minutes per day from assigned reading materials, or from student selected reading material.

Reading Strategies

Strategy One:  Preview the textbook or book. 

  • Good readers look at how the book or textbook is set up.  They look at headings, subtitles, words that are highlighted or are in bold letters. 
  • Good readers look at pictures, captions, graphs and other charts or graphics for more information to better understand what they are reading. 
  • Good readers look to see if there is a glossary or index to help them locate information quickly. 

Strategy Two:  Try to predict or figure out unknown words by how they are used in the sentence.

  • Good readers try to predict what unknown words mean while they are reading based on how the word is being used in the sentence they are reading so they can get the gist without slowing down.  Not only does this help the reader keep reading, it also helps the reader find the right definition when they look up a word in the dictionary and there are multiple definitions listed.

Strategy Three:  Summarize what you just read.

  • Try to find the main points and put what you just read into your own words. 

Strategy Four:  Ask yourself questions.

  • Good readers ask questions as they read.  Ask yourself the five W's:  Who is this about?, What is happening?, Where does it take place?, When is it happening?, Why is it happening?

Strategy Five:  Use more than one strategy.

  • Good readers use more than strategy to help them when they are reading.