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South High Racial Justice Day 2017 May 17, 2017 | Classes & Workshops



1 Powerful and profound messages via Music

We will be listening to and analyzing the racial and societal commentary found in Kendrick Lamar's "To Pimp a Butterfly". We will be focusing on its analysis of the commodification of black men in pop culture and other parts of society.

Led by: Ray Johnson Jensen and Antoine Ferguson

SOUTH STUDENT LED SOUTH Location 329 Workshop Session 2 and 3


2 Stay Woke?: Performative versus Authentic Activism

In this workshop, we'll address and discuss what "wokeness" is, where we see this label used in the world and how it has been appropriated from its Black roots into non-Black cultures. We will use this concept to question what effective, equitable activism (and ineffective activism) looks like today for people of different identities. Come prepared for interactive activities.

Led by: Natashia Otiso, South High Sophomore  and Alejandro Eduarte, Edison High School

SOUTH STUDENT LED Location 321 Workshop Session 1, 2 and 3


3 Culture and Identity

I am a mixed child with lots culture from Nigeria. My work shop with be about culture and how it affects your life and the way you see the world. I will also be talking about my culture relating to knowledge and dance.

Led by: Alaiyah Nelson-Tobechuk and Jessica Anderson, South High students.  

SOUTH STUDENT LED Location 312 Workshop Session 1, 2, and 3


4 Race and Feminism

Explore identity through the lens of race and feminism to develop a broader perspective on gender issues. The objective is  a to empower people to understand their identity and take action in their community. The Gender Equity Collective is a South High student organization focused on the intersectionality of gender with other social issues. We are a group open to people of all backgrounds and strive to be representative of the South High community.

Led by: Gender Equity Collective

SOUTH STUDENT LED Location 317 Workshop Session 1, 2 and 3


5 Consent

Consent is a part of everyday life that is essential to healthy interactions with other people. The objective of this workshop is to expand understanding of consent and to explore its relationship with race in an applicable context. The Gender Equity Collective is a South High student organization focused on the intersectionality of gender with other social issues. We are a group open to people of all backgrounds and strive to be representative of the South High community.

Led by: Gender Equity Collective

SOUTH STUDENT LED   Location 318  Workshop Session 1, 2 and 3

6 Ending the School to Prison Pipeline: Policing and Punishment in Schools

This workshop will be a brainstorming session, with primary input from students about their experiences with SROs at schools and their imagined alternatives. This session will seek input from students, parents and teachers/school personnel and offer a space for discussion of alternatives to police in schools, and to imagine new visions of safety that do not rely on police, and create strategies for continuing efforts toward police-free Twin City schools

Led by: Nancy A. Heitzeg Ph.D. is a Professor of Sociology and Director of the interdisciplinary Critical Studies of Race/Ethnicity Program at St, Catherine University, St. Paul, MN. William W. Smith IV, MPA works with at risk youth of color, and currently holds a position in Juvenile Corrections at Hennepin County and works as adjunct faculty at St. Catherine University.

COMMUNITY EXPERT LED      Location 319 Workshop Session 2


7 Research Using African Knowledge Systems

Our workshop will discuss how youth can do their own research by using African knowledge systems. It will be a hands on workshop, where students develop their own research designs combined with artistic expression (e.g. hip-hop, poetry, drawing, dance).

Led by: Brian Lozenski is an assistant professor of urban and multicultural education at Macalester College. He co-founded and runs the Uhuru Youth Scholars program whose goal is to develop black youth researchers

COMMUNITY EXPERT LED Location 229 Workshop Session 2 and 3


8 What do you wish your teachers knew?
Children and youth have complex lives that aren't always well understood at school. Take this opportunity to create a digital message for elementary teachers that will help them understand the experiences, perspectives, and brilliance of Minneapolis youth.

Led by: Annie Mason is the Director of Elementary Education at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Senali Dias Abeygunawardena, Fadumo Mohamed, and Rebecca Vickers are Elementary Education Foundations majors at the University of Minnesota. The four presenters share a commitment to justice-oriented teaching and living.

COMMUNITY EXPERT LED Location 311 Workshop Session 2


9 Biology of Skin Color!

Why DO humans have different skin colors and tones? How did we get this way? How has human skin color changed over time? How does our skin color help us survive?

Led by: Kate Rosok is a teacher at South for Earth Science, Astronomy, Minnesota Ecology classes

SOUTH STAFF LED Location 311 Workshop Session 1 and 3


10 Uomja presents Black Girl Magic

Black Girl Magic is an empowerment workshop for women.
Led by: Ja’Zmine Butts, president of South High Umoja student group

SOUTH STUDENT LED Location 327 Workshop Session 1 and 3


11 Muslim Student Association-Islamophobia

A discussion on Islamophobia.

Led by: MSA Students

SOUTH STUDENT LED Location 303 Workshop Session 1


12 Muslim Student Association-Being Black and Muslim

The workshop will be on the lifestyle and struggle of being black and muslim.

Led by: MSA Students

SOUTH STUDENT LED Location 303 Workshop Session 2


13 Muslim Student Association-Misconceptions on Islam

A discussion about the misconceptions and stereotypes of Islam.

Led by: MSA Students

SOUTH STUDENT LED Location 303 Workshop Session 3


14 Black Girls We See You: Unity Circle in the Urban High School

This workshop presents a study that examines the value and functionality of a Unity Circle, a contemporary adaption of Paolo Freire’s Culture Circle, in the schooling experiences of Black girls attending urban high schools. Research was designed as a phenomenological study and conducted using a Black Feminist Womanist lens, encouraging the voices and experiences of participants to be centered and shared in the experience.

Led by: Edairra McCalister, A former Minneapolis Public Schools educator. Free thinker. Freedom fighter. Passionate about educational equity and the visibility of Black girls and womyn in educational spaces and beyond.

COMMUNITY EXPERT LED Location 304 Workshop Session 2


15 Leveling the Playing Field by Integrating Technology into the Urban Classroom

Segregation isn't isolated to schools and neighborhoods, it is also very prominent in the cyber and technological world as well. Most students of color who live below the so-called "poverty threshold" do not have constant access to a personal computer or are not taught how to use their smartphones as a tool/resource. With a rapidly growing and changing workplace it is almost impossible to avoid potential jobs that do not require some kind of entry-level knowledge of computer software.

Led by: Nafeesah Muhammad, teacher at North High School. Building 21st Century Skills is my foundational approach to teaching. I believe these skills are necessary to close the opportunity gap in most of our minority and lower socio-economic communities.

MPS STAFF LED Location 305 Workshop Session 2


16 TruArtSpeaks-Are you Thirsty?

A multidisciplinary piece of theater incorporating elements of hip hop and spoken word that engage minds with today’s urgent conversations regarding water access, pollution, and climate change.

Led by: Duncan Slagle (He), Hasani Harris (He) and Simone Williams (They). Heart of the Beast Puppet theatre and TruArtSpeaks

COMMUNITY EXPERT LED Location 131 Workshop Session 1


17 Hook Up Culture

Hook up culture has taken over dating and promotes sexual double standards. Southwest Dare 2 Be Real touch on stigmas that come along with Hook Up culture.

Led by: Kat Lochen and Honi Yusuf, Southwest High School Dare 2 Be Real

STUDENT LED Location 342 Workshop Session 1, 2 and 3


18 How to talk about Disabilities

A discussion about disabilities, the experiences of people with disabilities, and how to address them with respect,  led by students with disabilities.

Led by: Hanna Bolstrom, Verdianna Mugeta and special education assistant Ed Bourgouise

SOUTH STUDENT LED Location 337 Workshop Sessions 1 and 2


19 Dream Justice - Keeping A Radical Imagination Under Trump

How can poetry be used to organize community, uplift volume in community and speak truth about power in 2017? This workshop will be focused on how black poetry has been used as a tactical tool to organize, archive dreams, grievances and pathways to other worlds. Participants will dive into the craft of writing and dreaming and will discuss what it means to prepare young people to not adapt to the world but to challenge the world with their intellect, courage and unique voice.

Led by: Keno Evol, founder and executive director of BlackTableArts and teacher of TruArtSpeaks a course centered on providing MPLS students an opportunity to engage with black literature, theory and the craft of poetry.

COMMUNITY EXPERT LED Location 204 Workshop Session 3


20 Teaching and Racial Justice

Be a changemaker!  Be a teacher! Great teachers are activists for racial justice. They fight racial injustice and inspire young people to transform their worlds. Teachers often shapes the future, one student, one classroom and one community at a time. Come to this session to ask questions about becoming a teacher and learn about why racial justice must be the center of what we do in the teaching profession.  

Led by: Vichet Chhuon, Associate Professor of Culture and Teaching and faculty in the Asian American Studies Program, Faustina Cuevas, Academic Adviser for pre-service teachers, and J.B. Mayo, Jr., Associate Professor of Social Studies Education, all at the U of MN.  

COMMUNITY EXPERT LED Location 257 Workshop Session 2

21 Writing about Being White: Reflections on Inter-racial Friendship

Explore identity and process in an inter-racial friendship. This workshop will use the novel, "The Stairs We Climb", about a white woman's awakening to the impact of historical trauma as a catalyst. Participants will engage in dialogue around the questions: What makes us makes friends with a person of color?  When we encounter our differences, does our friendship end, does it change drastically or is it fortified? How is friendship experienced by white friends and by friends of color?

Led by: Kate Towle is a youth advocate, consultant and writing coach who works with schools, youth organizations and emerging non-profits to generate best practices to engage youth as intercultural leaders and social innovators. Rosalind K. Sampson is a strong voice against racial discrimination. She is a catalyst for racial equality she believes one of the most fundamental ways of achieving it, is first we have to start listening to one another.

COMMUNITY EXPERT LED Location 255 Workshop Session 1, 2 and 3


22 How'd You Get Woke? Youth Activist Ripple Effect Mapping

This workshop is for youth! Ya’ll have been busy in the past few years. How’d you get woke? At this workshop you’ll get a chance to interview each other and find out more about your activism. We’ll map your activism and answer the question “What’s the move?”

Led by: Abby Rombalski, activist scholar at the U of MN and youth advocate in the Twin Cities.

COMMUNITY LED Location 256 Workshop Session 2 and 3


23 Health and Diversity of Our Community at Avalon

A presentation regarding the collected information of our youth lead researching project focused on the health and diversity of our community at Avalon. In the workshop we will be looking at how as a group we collectively organized discussion groups and how we organized talking to people and gathering information. We will also talk about how we processed this information and what steps we have taken to use the information. In this presentation we will explore how health and diversity affects our school, and how they are related to each other. In our school, conflict regarding race and class has been impacting us and we will present about how to spread awareness and how we can work to change these issues.

Led by: Avalon School Youth Participatory Action Research Class

STUDENT LED Location 259 Workshop Session 3


24 Effective Ways to Give Constructive Criticism

Through role play and discussion, this workshop will explore effective ways to give constructive criticism. In groups, you will enact responses to a variety of real-life classroom scenarios and figure out how to create an affirming and engaging classroom environment.

Led by: Grace Sommers (She), South High Senior

SOUTH STUDENT LED Location 251 Workshop Sessions 1, 2 and 3


25 Social Justice Dance & Theater

Use your voice through text and movement to create meaningful performance art.  In this workshop students will engage in the process of how to create movement and text with themes of social justice issues.   Be ready to move and do creative writing activities with members of South's Dance Company I & II classes!36

Led by: South Dance Company I & II

SOUTH STUDENT LED Location Dance Room Workshops Sessions 1 and 2


26 B.L.A.C.K. Building Lives and Acquiring Cultural Knowledge Relationships Project

The Relationships Project is a two year project whose goal is: To achieve more academic success though improving our relationships with teachers and young woman and to spread what we learn to other Black male students at South and beyond.

Led by: South High BLACK class

SOUTH STUDENT LED Location 310 Workshop Sessions 1, 2 and 3


27 The N-word. Who gets to use it and why?

Students and staff are invited to engage in a conversation about the N-Word. It's history, true meaning, and where does it fit in today's society. This workshop will be ⅓ media, ⅓  panel discussion and ⅓ Q&A.

Led by: George Shannon and Mohamud Abdullah of South Security staff.

SOUTH STAFF AND STUDENT LED Location 242 Workshop Sessions 1, 2 and 3


28 Peace Circle

Participate in a healing space with the South community. Peace Circles utilize active listening to support genuine expression where even they shy and introverted can be heard. Feel the power of the circle and have a good conversation about race at South.

Led by: Ahmed Ali, South High 2016 graduate, current student at Transition Plus.

FORMER SOUTH STUDENT LED Location 259 Workshop Session 2


29 History of Destruction of Immigrant Neighborhoods in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Led by: Corbin Doty, South High teacher and Oscar Cozza

SOUTH TEACHER AND STUDENT LED Location 228 Workshop Sessions 1, 2 and 3


30 The Struggle of Mental Health Among POC

We'll be doing a Kahoot and some social activities then we'll be talking about the struggle of mental health among people of color and how they don't get the resources they need.

Led by: Mickey Edwards and Sheyla Rodriguez

SOUTH STUDENT LED Location: 206b Workshop Sessions 1 and 2


31 South High Cultural Dance Club

This workshop will be an introduction to the South High Cultural Dance Club. SHCDC is a place where students use dance to connect and share rich cultural diversity of our community. Every culture dances and we believe everyone can dance. Students will get to have fun and get to know each other better as we learn how to do some South African dance moves.

Led by: Idman Ibrahim, founder of South High Cultural Dance Club

SOUTH STUDENT LED Location Workshops Sessions 1 and 3


32 The Reproductive Justice Timeline

This workshop asks participants to think about how they define Reproductive Justice for themselves. Participants choose different events in U.S. history that relate to Reproductive Justice, try to determined how long ago these events happened and talk about how they relate to what is currently happening today and still affect different communities today.

Led by: Teen Council students and Sandy Velasquez,  Community Education Specialist with Teen Council and ¡Qué Onda!

COMMUNITY EXPERT LED Location 258 Workshops Sessions 2 and 3


33 Water is Life: Dakota Access and Other Pipelines

Our workshop will discuss the network of pipelines crisscrossing the nation. We will provide information on the pipelines and the ecological repercussions. Our seminar will ask participants if these issues are native issues or human issues. Participants will be asked to make a water pledge. The Oshki-Ogichidaag is a student lead council working out of South High's All Nations program. The Oshki-Ogichidaag's mission is to create leadership and community for young indigenous people and make a difference in their lives.

Led by: Oshki-Ogichidaag students and advisers Alex Endeshaw and Necie Halberg.

SOUTH STUDENT LED Location 237 Workshops Sessions 1, 2 and 3


34 Audism: The Story of the Audist and their Global Impact on Deaf Culture and History

Audism is the notion that those who cannot hear and prefer to sign are lesser humans. Audism has a long human history that is still prevalent on a global scale. This workshop includes the activity “Elephant”, an introduction to visual-spatial thinking, a presentation about work being accomplished by the Deaf community to address problems the Deaf community faces as a result of audism’s impact on the global Deaf community.
Led by: Julie Nelson, American Sign Language teacher at Washburn High School

MPS STAFF LED Location 238 Workshops Sessions 1, 2 and 3


35 Racial Justice in Minneapolis Parks

Candidate Forum for Minneapolis Park Commissioner. All 9 seats on the MPRB are up for re-election in November 17. We want students at South who will be eligible to vote in November to get involved in the race and have a say about one of the most powerful institutions in the city. We will have candidates running Park Board onsite to answer questions from students. Parks and Power is dedicated to organizing for Racial Justice in Minneapolis Parks.

Led by: Hope Community Parks and Power, Jake Virden

COMMUNITY EXPERT LED Location 239 Workshops Sessions 1, 2 and 3


36 Implicit Bias

This session will identify and address implicit bias that impacts everyday interactions. You will examine your own implicit bias and gain tools to effectively respond when it is encountered.

Led by: Samantha Weiman, Minnesota native and Minneapolis Public Schools Ethnic Studies Resident and Kleber Ortiz-Sinchi, Ecuador native, Minneapolis Public Schools Social Studies District Program Facilitator.  

MPS STAFF LED Location 252 Workshops Sessions 1, 2 and 3


37 Racial Transformer

Become A Racial Transformer…learn of the possible ways to use your power…your SUPERPOWERS…as a RACIAL TRANSFORMER

Led by: Dr. Geeta Vora, Doctor of Chiropractic and Motivational Speaker and Garrent Evans

COMMUNITY EXPERT LED Location 236 Workshops Sessions 1, 2 and 3


38 Understanding How Hip Hop Can Be Implemented Successfully into Education

Exploring pedagogy and urban schooling while understanding how hip hop can be implemented successfully into education. This workshop works to understand the student teacher relationship and how with hip hop, teacher can not only help the students, but the students help the teacher as well.

Led by: Averie Mitchell-Brown is a 3rd year student at the U of MN majoring in Sociology with a minor in African and African American studies and Racial Justice in Urban Schooling. Averie has held  the Historian chair for the University's Black Student Union, and the Public Relations Chair for Hip Hope. She is a part of the SAGE award winning hip hop and urban styles dance crew S.H.E- She who Holds Everything.

COMMUNITY EXPERT LED Location 204 Workshops Sessions 1 and 2


39 Absent Narratives

What do we believe, why, and who tells us? A discussion about the stories we don't know, and how they shape our truth. Minneapolis Positive School-Wide Engagement

Led by: Two Minneapolis Positive School-Wide Engagement super heroes dealing with equity and instructional leadership. Christopheraaron Deanes and Kirk Smith. Deanes is a local artist and positive engagement strategist,  licensed as an Administrator, and former teacher  in the middle grades. Smith is a 32 year U.S. Army combat veteran whose career includes 6 years as a Total Army Schools Senior Instructor/Curricula Writer and culminated with a position as Equal Opportunity Adviser. Currently licensed in Minnesota as an Elementary Teacher, having taught in grades 3-5.

MPS STAFF LED Location 250 Workshops Sessions 2 and 3


40 Moving from White Student Allies to Student Accomplices
We will use group discussion, storytelling & a "day in the life of a South student" activity to discuss how experiences are different for white youth & youth of color in schools and how whiteness negatively impacts white people's ability for connection & humanity. We'll talk about what it means to be an ally versus an accomplice and why white youth would fight alongside their peers of color for justice.

Led by: Emily is a South High graduate ('07 baby!) and Minneapolis-born youth worker & organizer, currently with SURJ (Showing up for Racial Justice MN).
Cassandra is a community organizer in South Minneapolis. She got her start organizing students at the University of Minnesota and has been organizing millennials ever since. She's currently organizing with student workers at the U for a living wage.
COMMUNITY EXPERT LED Location 232 Workshops Sessions 1 and 2


41 Break the Binary

The workshop is about breaking the binary of gender, & sexual orientation. For racial justice day we will examining the intersection of all of that with concepts of race. This workshop is a peer-to-peer version of a presentation that GSA has led for teachers and middle school students. South High's GSA is a collection of activism-minded gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and allied students trying to make south high a more LGBT inclusive and supportive place.

Led by: Gender Sexuality Alliance

SOUTH STUDENT LED Location 220 Workshops Sessions 1, 2 and 3


42 Political Martians Speak: Exploring Unpopular Opinions with Data and Critical Thinking

South likes to think of itself as an accepting environment of all people and backgrounds. When people talk about diversity they tend to only refer to racial and ethnic diversity when ideological and intellectual diversity is just as important. In this workshop we will take an unconventional look at Third-Wave Feminism, Racism and Identity Politics in America 2017. This workshop will challenge you to rethink what it means to be open-minded and progressive and hopefully serve as a gateway to less one-sided conversations about social justice. This workshop isn’t her for you to settle within the comfort of your ideoligical nest, it is here to challenge you to think critically. So prepare yourself.

Led by: Rakeeb Max, South High Junior, factual feminist, major nerd, political and economic enthusiast, political non-conformist, and advocate for ideological diversity. Tola Atewologun, former South High student teacher, Bachelors at U of North Carolina, Master’s in Ed from Augsburg, Master’s in Public Policy from U of Michigan.

SOUTH STUDENT LED Location 254 Workshops Sessions 1


43 How Can White People Aid in Racial/Social Justice Movements

Workshop committed to exploring and understanding the ways white people can we involved with and aid in racial/social justice movements. We will be discussing steps we as white people can take in order to become better allies in our communities. We will also be covering topics such as understanding white privilege, the white savior complex and understanding our place in the movement.

Led by: Fiona Hanley and Simon Tolman, seniors at Southwest and a part of the social justice group Educate Ya Self.

STUDENT LED Location 222 Workshops Sessions 1, 2 and 3


44 Exploring Racial Identity  

This hands-on workshop will help participants in exploring their racial identity through a variety of prompts and activities:  first experiences with race, significant life events and people who have shaped your identity, addressing situations where your identity conflicts with the way others identify you, short video clips, art, writing, and discussion. Students will leave this workshop with a better understanding of what shaped their identities and how to take next steps to develop their identities in a way that feels good for them.  

Led by: Lola Osunkoya. I’m a cisgendered woman who uses she/her pronouns, and I’m Mixed Race (White American mother of Scandinavian descent, Nigerian father).  Being Biracial has been the most important/salient part of my identity and I chose to focus on Mixed Race identity development for many college papers and my thesis as a way to better understand myself and others.  It has definitely helped me to understand fluid identities.  I work in therapy as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC).  I am also helping to organize the first Midwest Mixed Conference in the Twin Cities summer of 2017.

COMMUNITY EXPERT LED Location 219 Workshops Sessions 1, 2 and 3


45 Interracial Relationships
This breakout session will present information and experiences surrounding both romantic interracial relationships and interracial friendships. Students will provide a safe place, time, and equal opportunity for all students to share and compare their views on the topic.

Led by: Students from St. Paul Harding High School’s Dare 2 Be REAL program (D2BR), an anti-racist and social justice equity program. This multi-grade level group has collaborated throughout the year through discussions, action-steps, theater, out of school learning experiences, and presentations to peers and staff. They bring their unique experiences and practiced break out sessions to the students at South High School hoping to create connections with other Racial Equity Allies and Leaders, while helping students build their own identities around race, ethnicity, language, and culture.

STUDENT LED Location 223 Workshops Sessions 1and 2


46 Identity Building through Social Justice Action
This breakout session will showcase the experiences of St. Paul Harding High School students this year in the D2BR program.  The students not only share their own experiences in identity building and action-steps, they create a safe space for South High School students to ask questions, compare, contrast, and share as well.  The collaborative nature of social justice action requires connections and networking across young leader groups, and this breakout session will be an opportunity for youth to meet and connect, who would otherwise be on opposite ends of the Twin Cities.

Led by: Students from St. Paul Harding High School’s Dare 2 Be REAL program (D2BR), an anti-racist and social justice equity program. (See above for more details)

STUDENT LED Location 206A Workshops Sessions 1 and 2


47 Internalized Racial Oppression

We will use Freedom School curriculum to examine the various ways in which white supremacy shows up in our lives.  For white people, we will illustrate manifestations of internalized superiority.  For people of color, we will share the ways in which internalized inferiority informs how we see ourselves and the ways that we acquiesce to whiteness.  The hope is that people who attend the workshop will gain the language necessary to voice their experiences, and achieve a deeper understanding of the ways that white supremacy shape our psychology.

Led by: Youth Undoing Institutional Racism youth leaders Sara Osman, Miraf Kebede, and Dominique Diaddigo-Cash are anti-racist organizers in the Twin Cities who seek to educate, uplift, and celebrate the activism of young people of color.

COMMUNITY EXPERT LED Location 254 Workshops Sessions 2 and 3


48 Latinx identity -Identidad Latina (en Español, English y Spanglish)

Si usted piensa que creer en el único lado de la historia que los rótulos étnicos muestran, y piensa que esto es absurdo, venga y comparta sus ideas. If you think that buying into the single story (stereotypes) that ethnic labels provides is absurd, come and share your thoughts. (on latin@s)

Si usted ha estado creyendo en el único lado que muestran los rótulos étnicos muestran, venga  y vea que hay más de una historia.If you have been buying into the single story that ethnic labels provide, come and you will see all the possible stories (no sterotypes). (on latin@s)

Led by: Luz Arias and Spanish for Heritage Speakers class

SOUTH STAFF AND STUDENT LED Location 339 Workshops Sessions 1 and 3


49 Victims of Injustice

Emmett. King. Oscar. Trayvon. Eric. Philando. Jordan. What do all of these men have in common? They were all victims of injustice. What answer do we ultimately have in our pursuit of justice? Is there any philosophy, ideology, movement, or religion that can guarantee justice for every wrong ever incurred? Join us for this workshop as we explore The Story that
provides a holistic justice that will wipe away every tear and one day right every wrong.

Led by: Lewis Guest, IV, currently serves in a pastoral role at Jubilee Community Church.

A native of New Jersey, he has engaged in urban ministry to youth in various locations including Detroit and Orlando before Minneapolis. He pursed his Master of Divinity degree at Bethlehem College and Seminary. Lewis is involved in a youth development program called Jubilee Youth Center with the goal of seeing young men grow in their development of manhood.

COMMUNITY EXPERT LED Location 221 Workshops Sessions 2 and 3


50 UNIDOS and ASA Cultural Showcases

UNIDOS means united. UNIDOS means united. The UNIDOS student group connects and celebrates the many Spanish speaking communities at South High. This year, the UNIDOS auditorium performance this year will be a celebration of traditional and modern dance, culture and pride.

ASA is a club where Asian and  non-Asian students can communicate with their school colleagues to interact with other Asian and make new friends and for Asian students, connect with students who have a similar lifestyle with them. ASA ISN'T just for Asian students. It was founded to support the Asian student when racism at South was still high. Asian culture is a great and very broad culture. Learning new things is always a possibility.

Led by: ASA and UNIDOS student groups

SOUTH STUDENT LED Location Auditorium           Workshop Sessions 1, 2 and 3


51 Lies My Teacher Told Me: How and Why Our History Books Stuggle with Race

Workshop about the inaccuracies and shortcomings in current history education, led by the founder of Dare 2 Be Real.

Led by: Patrick Duffy, Anoka Hennepin High Schools

COMMUNITY EXPERT LED Location 206A Workshop Session 3



52 Teachers Learn Too:An Interactive Lesson on System Oppression in your classroom.

In this workshop, we start to go over historic oppression in Minneapolis, looking specifically on people of color in urban communities. We will then make connections with our education system to begin to address a historic, institutionalized problem. We will dive into the works of Jeff Duncan-Andrade, as we look into complex associated PTSD with it’s effects on urban youth. Finally, we will wrap it up with a student panel about student experiences at South High, as well as giving staff student-focused and student-curated solutions for addressing oppression in the classroom. (Teachers Only)

Led by: Colin Robinson, Southwest High School, Educate Ya Self

STUDENT LED                                 Location Band Room                   Workshop Sessions 1, 2, and 3


Maybe or unlikely:

The History of Racism

How did the face of white supremacy and anti-color racism affect our marginalized communities within the history of the american people? Within this workshop students will be able to learn the history of discrimination against the Negro's, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Asians within the history of the United States. Exploring historical concepts such as discrimination during slavery days, reconstruction, Jim Crow days, Native-American genocide and separation from the population, discrimination against the Japanese people after pearl harbor, and much more!

Led by: Robel Sofonias Tedros is a college student majoring in History, American Constitutional Law, and Political Science. He is a community educator, social justice activist, and renowned public speaker within the state of Minnesota. He is also a professional free-lance pianist, actor, singer, dancer and comedian. He is currently an elected political official representing the Longfellow Neighborhood Community as the At Large Representative at City Hall and the State Capitol. He has professionally worked with many legislators and Governor Mark Dayton of Minnesota.

Location Workshops Sessions 1, 2 and 3