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Site Council Update: Principal Search


Site Council Meeting 
Principal Search Process
Monday, April 15, 2019

Present: Arthur French, Mercedes Walker, Jaclyn Melina, Leah Auckenthaler, Sharon Rush, Delainia Haug, Anita Newhouse, Pete Munene, Kyra Ostendorf, Lisa Ramirez
Survey questions for the Principal Leadership Survey were reviewed, minor edits made.
Motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the questions and forward to MPS HR.

After discussion to formalize the mission of overseeing the principal search, a motion was made to establish the Ad Hoc "Principal Selection Process Committee," comprised of those members present.
Motion seconded and passed.
The ad hoc committee's first order of business was to establish structure for the principal candidate interview team. Discussion ensued about making the committee as diverse and representative of the South High community as possible. 
The council came to a consensus that an interview body, comprised of interviewers and observers, would be less restrictive and more inclusive of the broader community than the district expectation that the Site Council, alone, make up the interview committee. Members agreed that the observer role would allow for more intentional listening and note-taking, and would allow the candidate to better answer questions, fielded by a smaller group of dedicated interviewers. Selection of the interview committee would be the responsibility of the "Principal Selection Process Committee" whose mission it would be to ensure the interview committee is representative of the South High community. 
A motion was made 1) to create an interview body made up of interviewers and observers--two groups, equal in proportion--and 2) to open up nominations to serve on this committee to all stakeholders.
Motion seconded and passed.
The call for nominations to the interview team would go out via all communications channels (released by Lisa Ramirez), and with it  a description of Interview Team Expectations (drafted by Anita Newhouse) outlning duties, responsibilities, and anticipated time commitment. 
Nominations, will be accepted electronically (onlline), via email, or hard copy, and in person at the next meeting of the Site Council ad hoc committee.
Next meeting: Tuesday, April 30, 2019
Meeting adjourned.
Agenda items:
Accept all nominations for review and selection to the interview committee.
Review where we're at with Survey
Establsih first meeting of the Interview Team 

Site Council/Parent Council Meeting 
Overview of Principal Search Process
Tuesday, April 9, 2019
Carla Steinbach, MPS Associate Superintendent, High Schools, said the goal is to have the new principal in place by start of the contract year July 1, 2019. 
Daniel Glass, MPS Human Resources Administrator for Strategic Projects, gave an overview of next steps in the selection process.
  1. All South High community stakeholders will be asked to complete a survey.
  2. The survey will be used to determine characteristics valued by the community in their vision for the next principal of South High.
  3. Glass will process survey results, and come up with a principal profile.
  4. The profile will be used as the measure HR will use to screen and evaluate principal candidates.
  5. Candidates, 6-8, will be interviewed by a representative group (parents, staff, students, community members) determined by the South High Site Council.
Glass said:
● This is not a district-driven process.
● This process is South High driven.
● HR is open to input and questions.
● The timeline for the survey distribution, deadline, are determined by South.
● He will use survey results to create the principal profile.
● The goal of the search process is to have a deep pool from which to draw—so establishing the profile as soon as possible is key, so as not to risk losing potential candidates to other district schools who are determining leadership roles for the next school year.
● Cannot emphasize enough that the profile established by the community will determine who is eligible to interview for the position.
● The process for selecting the interview team should be reflective of the community, again driven by the South community, (Site Council)
● Current pool of principal candidates answered a call, first posted in January.
● The pool is screened, assessed by HR and interviewed by the Superintendent and two principals. (Candidates also form a hypothetical plan for a school; describe a behavioral interaction with parent; conversation with a teacher.)
● The posting will stay open until the right candidate, as chosen by the South Interview Committee, is found.
Establishing the survey
Assistant Principal Mercedes Walker read the five questions on an initial survey created and shared by Human Resources.
Conversation ensued about making the survey less jargony, simpler to understand. 

AP Walker facilitated a quick evaluation of the current questions by gauging attendees affinity for questions by a show of fingers 0-5. All questions were deemed acceptable. Table groups were asked to look at the hard copy of surveys and write their suggestions for edits.
It was also suggested that the final drop-down menu indicate who is completing the survey, ie. student, staff, parents, community member.

It was agreed that all suggestions in written form at the meeting be coalesced and that the links to the survey be shared with attendees who wish to further study the survey and offer editing suggestions. 
A motion was made and accepted to finalize edits and tweaks to the survey at the next Site Council meeting, Monday, April 15, 6:30 p.m., Media Center/Library.
Agenda items:
Finalize survey.
Establish interview questions.
Establsih interview committee.
National search.