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Prepare+Prosper offers tax help


A partner of AchieveMpls, Prepare+Prosper offers safe tax clinics and do-it-yourself tax prep. Students and families with incomes below $73K are invited to take advantage of these services.


The drop-off model will be our primary form of tax prep in 2022 and is by appointment only. All in-person interaction (dropping off materials and picking up return(s) will adhere to strict safety guidelines; physical distancing and masks are required. We explain the process from beginning to end below.

1. To Make an appointment customers will call 651-287-0187 or go to to make an appointment for a phone screening and a time/location to drop off your documents. Scheduling opens January 19. Self-employed tax prep appointments will be made via the above website or calling 651-262-2169. 

2. Customers will complete intake paperwork online or by paper ahead of time, or on-site the day of your drop off appointment.

3. At the drop off appointment, customers will be given a brief COVID screening and finish any outstanding intake paperwork. Again, masks are required. Documents will be uploaded to a secure online platform and then returned. Customer should come prepared for the drop-off session to last 30 – 45 minutes.

During the drop-off session, customers will also make a return appointment to sign and pick up a copy of their taxes once they are prepared. The return visit will be around one week after the drop-off appointment.

4. After your drop-off appointment, if we have all we need, customers taxes will be prepared in the days following the drop-off appointment. We will reach out by phone or email if we need additional information. 

5. Customers will pick up a completed tax return at their return visit approximately one week after their drop-off appointment.

We will also offer very limited virtual appointments on a case-by-case basis. Please check our website for availability.  

For additional information on our 2021 tax services, please review our website –P+P Free Tax Preparation

DIY Tax Prep is back and launches January 31. The service has expanded in critical ways, such as worktime during webinars with P+P tax-certified volunteers and a redesigned DIY Tax Prep Guide! Resources and support are available in English and Spanish.  

DIY Tax Prep can be a great option for clients who are over the income guidelines for our drop-off service or can’t get an appointment. This year, the service is available to people with income of $73,000 or less (we advise customers who are unsure of their income to contact us first). See below for more details on the service and how/when your clients can access it.  

What is DIY Tax Prep?  
Filling taxes on your own can be intimidating, so P+P will provide access to:

  • Free, web-based tax filing software so your stakeholders can prepare and electronically file their federal and state income taxes as well as the Minnesota property tax refund.
  • DIY Tax Prep Guide to help people navigate tax situations and the tax software.
  • Optional weekly, live online trainings, attended by P+P tax-certified volunteers to support people with getting started on their returns and get answers to tax questions! (Recorded trainings are also available for those who are unable to attend live session).
  • Tax help support via phone and email to answer questions people would like to discuss with a P+P tax-certified volunteer, to get the over the finish line and successfully file. 

Who is a good fit for DIY Tax Prep?

  • Have annual income below $73,000
  • Are comfortable using a computer
  • Have easy access to email
  • Feel comfortable reading and following written instructions
  • Want to learn more about tax filing

Who is not a good fit for DIY Tax Prep?

  • Have annual income over $73,000
  • Anyone filing returns prior to Tax Year 2021
  • Filing an amended return that was not originally prepared using the DIY Tax Prep software

How to access to DIY Tax Prep 
DIY Tax Prep will launch on January 31, 2022. Customers will access DIY tax Prep via our NEW DIY Tax Prep webpage at: (Spanish-speakers can access the Spanish-language webpage from the page, or at:!). From the website, customers can access the DIY Tax Prep resources two ways:

  • Sign up for a free webinar
  • Request the resources and recorded training webinar

Questions? Please reply to this email or email David Langley, Engagement Manager at

David Langley
Engagement Manager