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South hits KRSM radio airwaves


KRSM Listen Up! Youth Radio
Friday, Dec. 6

Congratulations to our students who produced podcasts in the VOICES class taught by Laura Lanik and Delainia Haug. The class is an integrated English Social Studies class. | Listen to their archived pocasts | Click image above for expanded view of our podcasters.

Elizabeth Veravong & Kieran McLaughlin* 
Podcast: Glendale Townhouse

Holiday Holcomb & Ian McKimm*
Podcast: Pollution Impacts on Communities of Color

Luciana Rian-Senna & Kate Sosa & Alaiyah Nelsen-Tobechukwu*
Podcast: People of color in Predominantly White Spaces

Simon Baker and Ellie Meier
Podcast: All Square 

Ryan Wagner and Christian Nguyen
Podcast: Hockey Diversity














































Nevaeh Dorr and Hailey Yellow
Podcast: Casino Money 

*Fielded questions on air