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Pennies for Patients, the final count!

Top fundraising classes
Kip Krasean-$333.69
Sara Swanson-$193.54
Sara Van der Werf-$189.75
Abby Gaul-$180.60
Mark Johnson-$170.39
Bill Ruff-$113.15
Mick Hamilton-$111.42
Katie Allenbach-Franz-$106.08
Each of these teachers and Karl Griffin who was at $99.38, will receive a cool Pennies for Patients Pennant!
Along with donations from staff and matching funds from other sources, South raised a TOTAL of $2553.30 which exceeded our total of last year by almost $2000.
Thank you to Richard Nohel for all his spirited work in being our Pennies for Patients coordinator!