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Nohel reports success for Pennies for Patients


Thank you to students and staff who gave and helped us surpass the $5,000 fundraising mark in our fight again leukemia and lymphoma. Proceeds include $458, a 10% match from our partner, Parkway Pizza.

We also raised $729 in the “Flash 48” 2-day event on top of the $3200 plus that we raised in classroom contributions, plus $535 match for top classes which earned a pizza party for 3rd period classes of:

Ms. Buzzelli

Ms. Hodge      

Mr. Niemiec    

Ms. Gaul             


Mr. Hamilton              


Mr. Nohel’s period 3 class raised $535 in the "Flash 48" 2-day event and was the top class overall.

Additionally Mr. Fabel Ms. Loichle, Mr. Olson, and Ms. Hippen's classes each raised more than $100 during the class event.

Sincere thanks to all for your support and enthusiasm--a tribute to how important it is to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

What an AMAZING campaign it has been.

--Richard Nohel