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Peace Tigers speak at luncheon


At the most recent meeting of the MN Alliance of Peacemakers, members say it was the best meeting they've had yet, wholly impressed with their youngest speakers, Timon Jones and Kaila Abraham of South High.

The luncheon meeting played host to young people, most from college campuses and Jones and Abraham as the only high school speakers, sharing their advocacy work in peace and social justice endeavors. Jones and Abraham shared word of the work they do as Peace Tigers of South High.

In expressing gratitude to the Alliance, for bringing Peace Speaker Paul Chappell to South High, Jones said what struck students from Chappell's talk was learning how people act out and become aggressive when they feel unaccepted and disrespected. 

Timon said students “need people like us to be there for them.”  The pair also

brought attention to what their peer Peace Tigers must do to demonstrate their commitment and to earn t-shirts:  They must commit to meetings, sit at the “gratitude” table and attend important field trips.

Kaila taught the elders at the MN Alliance of Peacemakers a new expression!  She said that students who "throw shade" on other students, [translation: treat them with disrespect] outside the group so that their actions don’t meet intentions, are not qualified to be Peace Tigers!

They also talked about their intent to bring their effort to middle school students and eventually to other high schools.

Timon described how he enjoyed talking to smaller children about courage, and how the Peace Tigers will collect toys for families at Standing Rock.