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Speaker Paul K. Chappell delivers message of peace

Paul K. Chappell is a childhood trauma survivor, who struggled in school, graduated from West Point and served two tours of duty as an Iraq vet. Today, he travels the country imparting lessons about peace, the art of living and teaching lessons few are taught in home or school about conflict, challenging injustice, how to calm oneself and others. 
Tuesday, Nov. 1, in welcoming speaker, Paul K. Chappell to campus, South High Peace Tigers gave our honored guest the following introduction in front of approximately 500 students:
Our distinguished visitor today, Paul K. Chappell, graduated from West Point in 2002, was deployed twice to Iraq, and left active duty in
November 2009 as a Captain. He is the author of the Road to Peace series, a seven-book series about waging peace, ending war, the art of living, and what it means to be human.
Chappell serves as the Peace Leadership Director for the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.
Growing up in a violent household, Chappell has sought answers to the issues of war and peace, rage and trauma, and vision, purpose, and hope.  Welcome Paul!
Mr. Chappell shared his story and imparted an impactful message highlighting the following thought-provoking analyses:

All human cultures share the belief that doing the following is valued. 

  • Listening to people. No one ever says, "You listen to me too much!" This requires empathy.
  • Leading by example. Do not be a hypocrite. Words matter less than actions. 
  • Speaking to people with respect. This values one's worth and potential. 
Chappell stated that learning to practice peace takes time and effort.
It doesn't lend itself to being explained in 30 minutes time, just as one cannot teach another basketball, chess or cooking in 30 minutes.
But to start, there are two important ideas to begin one's own journey to understanding and practicing peace:
1) The greatest examples of peace in our world show respect towards disrespect and doing so earns moral authority.

2) Not taking things personally helps avoid conflict and escalation. 

Anyone who could not attend Paul K. Chappell's address at South High is encouraged to attend the Missing Voices Conference this Thursday, where he will be the keynote speaker at St. Mary's University.

The Missing Voices Conference is an excellent professional development opporunity for educators, however, families and students are very much welcome!