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Peace Essay due May 15




The Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers, a collaboration of 70 peace and justice organizations statewide, is pleased to announce topics and guidelines for its third annual peace essay contest.

The essay contest is open to all students, grades 9-12, living in Minnesota during 2018. 

Three prizes will be awarded: first--$1000; second--$750; third--$500.

Essay must be the student’s original work, 800-1000 words long, and word-processed. It must not have been published elsewhere or submitted to other contests, and a teacher, youth leader, or parent must sign a statement on the application form, confirming that the essay is the student’s original work.  Essays will be judged on originality, depth, and clarity.  Do provide definitions, examples, and reasons to

support your ideas, making very clear how your action supports the larger goal of peace and justice. Please proofread and edit carefully.

Prizes will be awarded, and winners will be announced and invited to speak at an event later in the summer or early Fall. 


     Former President, General Dwight D. Eisenhower, said, “I know the horrors of war, as only a

     soldier can . . . I also know that every weapon made, and every rocket launched, is a theft from 

     the poor.”  So, choose an action you care about, like nuclear disarmament or calling for less military

     spending; or focus on the “theft” created by war, thru climate change, racism, hunger, homelessness,

     refugees and immigration, or any number of other issues.  Get involved with that action, through 

     your school, place of worship or some other organization.  Then write about your experience in such

     a way that someone reading it might be inspired to get involved themselves. 


     Or create a strategic plan for an action you plan to initiate yourself.  It could be dealing with school

     bullying, a student letter writing campaign to end war, or some other injustice.  If you can, start the

      initiative and write from that perspective.  If that’s not possible, simply research and carefully write

      the plan needed to accomplish your objective. 


Organizations on the MAP website are all involved in peace and justice action you might become a part of, and we have speakers who can come to your group to further help with ideas. 


Address questions and comments, as well as completed essay, to Larry Johnson at, or by regular mail, to MAP, Attn: Larry Johnson, Box 16396, Mpls., Mn., 55416.  Essay should be postmarked no later than May 15, 2018.   If submitting by email, no later than 11:59 p.m. May 15, 2018.


ENTRY FORM for Third Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers Peace Essay Contest


Student Name _________________________________________________________________________


Title of Essay __________________________________________________________________________


Address ______________________________________________________________________________


Grade ____________ Age __________ Phone _______________ Email ___________________________


School and City ________________________________________________________________________



I am providing my signature below to verify that I wrote the attached essay.  The words, ideas, and writing are my own.  My essay has not been submitted for any other contest or publication.  I understand that if my essay is accepted as a winning entry, I will be asked to read it at the

Fall 2018 Nobel Peace Prize Forum, and that MAP has my permission to post it on their website, with my

name and school.   I am also providing the signature of an adult (teacher, parent, youth leader) who

provided guidance and who agrees with this statement.



Student signature and date:  _____________________________________________________________


Adult signature, date, and relationship:  ____________________________________________________