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Partnership Program

The Partnership Program is a long standing program (celebrating over 30 years!) at South High School that addresses the academic, social and emotional needs of 11th and 12th grade students.

The program exists to help students who are disconnected, disenfranchised, and behind in credits. Yet, inspite of their difficulties, these students have made a sincere commitment to graduate.

We are a staff and student community that thrives in the regular education building with an alternative education model. This alternative model includes giving students the opportunity to gain experiences they may not ordinarily have access to, as well as offering support and encouragement that are the foundation of the program.

Each year, the Partnership Program is responsible for helping approximately 20% of the graduating class get to graduation!

The Partnership Program strives to engage our students through a variety of special events:

Town Meetings celebrate students‘ efforts towards their goal of graduation, our

Community-building retreats build community and assist students‘ commitment to South and their education,

Graduation Recognition  honors our seniors.

Questions about the program can be directed to Sheri Harris at 612.668.4320.